Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I LoVe SpRiNg!

Well, everything but allergies! The weather was completly perfect yesterday so...

Yesterday Steve and I were able to go for a nice bike ride in our neighborhood. I haven't been on a bike for FOREVER! We don't even own a bike, but our nice landlords let us borrow theirs. Can I just say I LOVE bike riding! How much fun!!

I haven't been on a bike for years. I remember as a little girl loving to ride my bike back and forth in the neighborhoods. Why did I ever stop riding a bike?? Seriously.

I wish that the weather would last!! I'm pretty bummed that tomorrow it's going to start raining and getting cold again. :(

I love spring though! I love that the weather (is supposed) to get warmer, flowers start blooming and I can go outside more!!

Kind of a random post. But, I'm just sitting at work and I need something to help pass time!
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Friday, April 23, 2010

My Sis-tas!

Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. You know whatever you do, they'll still be there.
-- Amy Li

KARTIER and I did EVERYTHING together! (Aka Kart)
-Kart was my little sidekick growing up!
-Always will be my best friend, lots of late night talks
-Has a lot of talents, one of her best is Cutting hair!

KJERSTI is my baby sis! Always will be! (Aka Midgey)
-Makes me laugh!
-Has such a pretty voice, awesome at sports and Pageants!
-Also my best friend.

It was just the three of us for a long time!

Then when I got married...

WHITNEY became my sister in-law (Aka Juanita/Whitaloo)
-Can always talk with Whit
-Mistaken as my twin
-Great Athlete

Not long after...

JADE became another addition to my fam! also, my sister-in law (Aka Jade-ster)
-Very Creative and an awesome cook
-fun to be around
- Good mom

And last by not least (for now)

SHANNON another sister in-law (Aka Shannon Anne)
-Soccer Pro

I'm so grateful to my heavenly father for giving me so many sisters!
Each of them are so different, and that's what's so awesome! I'm able to learn so many different things from each of them. Love all of you!

So Long Maggie

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jotting down my thoughts..

Just want to write.

Today's been a long day! I'm sitting here at work, and still have 2 more hours to go and then YW right after. Is it bad to say I just feel like going home, getting in my pj's and turning on a good movie? When it rains, it sure makes me feel lazy!
I don't mind the rain, it's sure a lot better than SNOW! Rain is kind of peaceful when it hits the window.

Steve's been busy like MAD this week. I barely even get to see my husband. It's like he's in Canada again. boo. I'm home, so is he, but he gets in a "zone" (which is great) that he only "hears" and See's his books. He stays up so late studying, I go to bed without him. He's had 4 finals this week and has had to do all 4 finals within 3 days. I'm pretty proud of him though! He's such a hard worker, and really cares about his grades. When finals week comes I just do my own thing. I guess it's a good practice for me when he gets in to pharmacy school. I've heard I never will see him then. That's depressing. But when he's done with school we'll have a good reason to celebrate!-Especially Steve! :)

I've been making lots of crafts lately. I really love making things. I feel so accomplished when I look at my finished products. I've decided it's almost an obsession for me. My craft closet is getting out of hand! I really can't wait for when Steve and I have at least one more bedroom, so then I can maybe have a craft room? That would be heaven. But, for now our closet is perfect.

I still don't have exciting news to share on the being prego idea. Which it is of course, still a huge bummer for me. I've learned to be patient. But, I still have my days where it can be hard. I swear it has everything to do with Steve drinking Mountain Dew. ha ha. Okay, maybe not, but have you heard what that pop does to a guy?

OH! and I seriously LOVE listening to books on tape! I can get things done, drive etc while listening to my book! It's a win-win situation! Right now I'm listening to the Barrington Family Saga by Anita Stansfield. So addicting! And all last week STEVE listened to it with me. It was great! We both talked about what could happen, what we liked about it. I think that's actually my favorite part about listening to the book, is that Steve and I can listen to it together.

Woohoo! I'm done with work! 3 day's down, 1 more to go! lat-er!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I just watched
GLEE for the first time. I'm completely obsessed with the music and dancing! I'm still trying to decide if I like the actual show though.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

My First.

I made my first diaper cake! I made it for my best friend Erin. I can't believe she's going to be having her first baby so soon!! Erin and I have known each other since I was 4! We both lived in the same neighborhood, and then our families both moved to about the same area too. So we have been really lucky to be able to be friends for so many years!
Erin now lives in Washington, Utah so we don't get to see each other-EVER! But, when we do it's like we never were apart, and were able to catch up where we left off.
I was so happy that I was able to see her this weekend! I know she's going to be an AMAZING mom! :) Can't wait to see you again and meet you're new lil' man!
Diaper Cake
Me and Erin-she looks so stink'n cute prego!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Be an Optimist.

My job did a Development week. Where we can sign up for a class that interests us. I choose to go to "Initiative starts with me."

The speaker shared an awesome story. This isn't a true story, but I loved the story so much I wanted to document it so I could go back and read it.

This is a story about two twin boys. One was a pessimist, the other an optimist. The father of the twin boys put the two boys into two separate rooms. The pessimist was put into a room full of electronic toys. He had tons of toys that he easily could be excited about and have fun with for a long time. The optimist twin was put into a room with a wheel barrel piled high with horse manure. The boy smiled when he saw what his father brought him.

A couple hours later, the pessimist twin comes crying to his father "I can't play with my toys, there is no batteries. My friends won't want to play with me now.." He kept finding fault in everything.

The father then also heard the optimist son. He was yelling excitedly "woohoo"! The father runs into the room and sees the optimist son throwing the manure everywhere. The father asks what he is doing? The optimist says "I know there's gotta be a horse in here somewhere!"

I thought the story was awesome. Its a great eye opener. It's easy to be like the pessimist when things go wrong in my life. But if I have an optimistic view, my life will be happier.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Love this girl.

he seriously makes my day every time I see her.
She calls me and asks if she can come over.
She gives me lessons from the "Friend" magazine.
Brings treats.
One for me and one for Steve.
She's my "mini' visiting teacher-so she says.
She literally runs to my house to greet me.
She laughs at everything I say, even if it's not funny.
She loves to do crafts with me.
If I don't like something, she doesn't.
I'm really so grateful for her.
She's one of my Beehives.
She says I always give her the best lessons. But really, she's giving me mine.
She makes me want to be better.
Love this girl.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Trip to Sweden

Steve has been wanting to go on a vacation so bad! Me too actually. But, with work, school and church callings we haven't had anytime to have a getaway. So, I planned a surprise trip to Sweden for Steve on Saturday night. Unfortunatley, we really aren't going to Sweden. I WISH. But, I made a "pretend" vacation get away right in our own home. Steve went on his mission to Sweden, and has been wanting to go back ever since. So, with the help of midgey (Kjersti) and Christina I made our Sweden trip possible. :)

I didn't let Steve come home from mom and dad Ford's until 6pm, so I could decorate and get dinner ready. When he came home I handed him these pretend airplane tickets...

Our airline tickets

It showed our destination would be SWEDEN. He was really surprised! Our "airplane" was our living room. And so we watched a movie on our flight. We managed to get first class on our flight, and we had the famous Swedish meatballs, gravy and lingon berry sauce. ( Compliments from Ikea.) With Sparkling Pear cider to wash it all down.

The movie was great, and the flight was perfect. Before we knew it, we were in Sweden. (If only it really took 2 hrs to get to Sweden..)

Kj and Christina helped me make Swedish signs around the house, we even made a Swedish flag out of streamers. So when you go through the streamers (in the hallway) we were in Sweden. (ha. I know, a little corny. But I thought it turned out great.)

"I love you" in Swedish

"Welcome to Sweden"

We found our B&B in no time. I had fun decorating our room. I put up "twinkle lights" around our window, so when we walked in the room, the room light up with the lights. I think it turned out pretty awesome!

"Welcome to Sweden"

Bed and Breakfast in Swedish

Steve loved it! And to end our Sweden vacation, the next morning we had HUGE cinnamon rolls and a Swedish Juice.

It was a fun little get-away! (Even if in reality, we were home the entire time) I hope someday we can really travel back to Sweden, and see where he went on his mission. But for now, I think he liked it. Actually, I know he did.

Encore 2010

Friday we went to ENCORE with Bob, Ellen and Whit. I seriously was counting down the days until we could see this! Encore is BYU's Ballroom dance team. I've been wanting to go this for FOREVER!! I absolutely love ballroom dance. I love the movements, the music and the costumes! I was in HEAVEN!! Steve told me that we could take a ballroom dance class together. I'm thinking we need to do this before we start having kiddos. :)
The performance lasted 2 hours. I wish it was longer! It was seriously SO good, and it went by way too fast.
We of course had a blast with Steve's fam too! I just love them to pieces! What a fun night. I can't wait for next year's performance.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Hoppy" Easter!

I L*O*V*E the Holidays!! I loved that it was Easter, and General Conference.

This weekend we started off the week by going to lunch with cute Grandma Anderson. We spent the afternoon with her on Friday, and then Steve and I cleaned the house, the cars, the Ford office building, and I did I mention we cleaned??? That's seriously ALL we did on Friday. We had fun with Grandma just visiting with her and it was a nice break from all the cleaning. (Hence the fact I look like ahem, poo. Seriously.) No make up, a hat..blah. But, we sure love Grandma Anderson! I'm glad that she doesn't live too far away.


Grandma Anderson and I

Saturday we had our annual tradition of DECORATING EASTER EGGS with our great friends, The Rappleye's. We seriously love these guys! We always have such a blast!

Our Easter eggs turned out AWESOME this year! Look at the colors!!

Steve and I
Cute lil' Deni
Tim, Deni and Marie

We had lunch, ($5 Little Cesar's Pizza, with crazy bread-SOO good) watched some conference, decorated our eggs, and of course just had a fun time hanging out. Time always goes by way too fast when we are with these guys. Because before we knew it, Steve and I had to be in Bountiful by 5:00 to meet up with Grandpa and Grandma Ford.

We met up with Grandpa and Grandma. Steve went to priesthood session with Grandpa, and I went with Grandma and met up with all the girls on Steve's side of the fam. We ate at "El Matador" a Mexican restaurant, which was really good. Then headed over to Sherrie's (Steve's aunt) for cake and some time to just hang out! I'm so happy that I was able to a girls night with everyone. Steve and Grandpa got home, so we went back to grandma's house and played games and ate WAY too much food. (I always eat so much at grandma and grandpa Ford's, it almost makes me sick!) We stayed up late just talking and enjoying each other's company.

Grandma and Grandpa Ford playing cards with us

Aunt Sherrie
Aunt Kathy

Keira and Shannon

Breanna, Brooke and Amanda (cousins)
Sunday morning came quick. Why do the weekends ALWAYS go by so much quicker than the weekdays?
Steve and I woke up to Grandma making pancakes for us. She's such a sweetheart. After breakfast, we watched conference and then I helped grandma with the Easter egg hunt.
Around noon, everyone started coming to grandma's for lunch. We had TONS of food! We all ate, talked, laughed, and enjoyed more of conference.
I love how every time I watch conference I feel so uplifted. It's amazing that each time, I always hear exactly what I needed to hear. It's like the talks were meant just for me. :)
After conference, Steve and I headed over to my parent's house. We also ate food, talked and then my mom did the Easter story with the Easter Eggs. We had a fun time with my family too!

Steve, Keira, Mom and Grandma

Dad reading

Tina, Kris, Kj, Dad
Steve!Steve and I are so blessed to have so many awesome family members and friends. We had a super fun Easter weekend! I'm so grateful to my savior and for the atonement, everything I have is because of him.
Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Magic Easter Beans

I saw this on my friends blog, who saw this at: http://cjaneblog.blogspot.com/ (which now I LOVE this blog) Anyway...

This is such a cute idea if you have little one's! Since Steve and I are still in the process, and don't have any kiddo's yet- I still had to post this so that when we do, I'll remember this idea!

1. Buy "Magic Jelly Beans"

2. Plant the magic beans the night before easter (they only work the night before easter)

3. The next morning go outside and see what grew.

Cutest Easter idea EVER!!!