Friday, June 7, 2013

May update!

Some REALLY exciting  news!! Steve is DONE with his second year of pharmacy school. He's done!!! Oh my gosh, I didn't think this day would ever come. I am so extremley happy.  His second year has been the hardest year by far.  We are both so happy that all of his hard work has paid off and only one more year to go!
We celebrated last night by going out to dinner and then going to Planet Play :)  We played lots of mini bowling and mini golf.  Then Steve rode the Race cars.

Some other great news is my sister Kartier had her baby girl! She had her on Mother's day.  She is seriously the cutest little thing.  I seriously am loving all the little ones coming into our family.  I am so lucky to be an auntie.  When we were leaving the hospital, I heard "bubba" (aka Carson) yelling my name.  I turn around to see Kody and Carson running to me and they surprised me with a flower.  Carson then hugs me and tells me Happy Mother's day.  Seriously MELT my heart. I love him so much!!! He is the biggest sweet heart.
Also on Mother's day, Steve surprised me with my first Mother's day gift.  It made me feel emotional.. I've been waiting YEARS for this day to come.  It still doesn't seem real... I feel oh so grateful!
Oh and I received a text from one of my sweet Beehives, made me cry! I sure miss those girls..

Memorial day weekend we went to the Ford cabin.  Steve and I needed a little get a way, so we packed our bags and left.  On one of the days, Kris and Jess wanted to come and see us.  So we took a hike to one of the falls.  It was GORGEOUS!!!  So refreshing to be outdoors and take in the beauty around us.  On Monday, we drove home and then had a bbq with my family:)  I looove family time!

I had a Birthday shout- hooray!  Steve surprised me with a FETAL PHOTOS gift certificate!! Best birthday present ever! Steve and I have been so anxious to see our little one and we just couldn't wait until the 20 week mark.  Fetal photos said that we would need to come when I'm closer to 15  just 2 more weeks! I was super nauseous on my birthday. Whit came and had lunch with me (at work) and I had to seriously RUN down my work halls to the bathroom.  I didn't even make it to the bathroom before I started to hurl.

-I still have nausea almost every day
-I crave greasy foods-hamburgers, hot dogs, tater tots (pretty much everything I didn't like prior to pregnancy) haha
-I also crave MUSTARD
-I still can't stand the smell of onions or peppers
-The garbage can at my work desk has become my best friend
-I get super emotional when I see a commercial with a child on it. I start crying.
-Steve and I love the names Rilynn for a girl or Beckham for a boy
-EVERYONE tells me we are having a girl, except for Bob (Steve's dad) and Carson (our nephew)
-Steve is a sweet heart.  He's always trying to help me find foods that won't make me sick.