Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Young Women Halloween Party!

I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. the YOUNG WOMAN program! I'm so grateful to heavenly father for giving me the opportunity to work with so many fun and uplifting girls!
Beehives were in charge of the Halloween Party for the primary kids and the kids loved it!! We did face painting, read Halloween stories, made halloween bags, a parade and Halloween games. It was a really fun night!! I sure love these girls!
My Cute Beehives!

Rachelle & I (also in yw, she's one of my good friends)
The Fishers as Shrek and Fiona
Robin & Me (We are both in the Beehives)
The Spencer family

Monday, October 25, 2010

Disneyland Trip part 5-SEAWORLD day #2!

Friday, the 22nd: Woot-Woot another day at Seaworld! It was SO nice waking up and only being a couple minutes from Seaworld.-Everyone was happy!
It was another fun filled day! We got to see lots and the weather was perfect! The sun was shining all day. :)

Here's what we did:

Touched Sting Ray's

Steve and I went to Shamu's Story

The trainers talked about the Whale's names, how old they are, how much they eat and they also showed us how they train the whales!
After the show we met up with the Rappleye's at the dolphin exhibit.

Okay. This is my most favorite part of Seaworld.

Feeding and touching a Dolphin

Pure awesomeness. I've ALWAYS wanted to touch and feed a dolphin. Dream come true.

After feeding the Dolphins, we split up from the Rappleye's while they went to Elmo's Land and Steve and I did our own thing.

We loved Blue Horizons so much, we went and saw that again!

Then we went to the Wild Arctic Exhibit
We saw a Big, fat Walrus
The exhibit was so awesome! It was like we were really in the Arctic!
we found a bear cave
and bear tracks!
We saw a Beluga Whale

Then we saw the Penguins

Before we knew it, it was already time to meet up and see Believe again!

We ended the day with the Shark Exhibit.

The shark exhibit was fun, not my favorite.

A full day of Seaworld goodness! I'm so happy that we were able to go there! I LOVED it!!!

Saturday, the 23rd: Is our trip really almost over? I couldn't believe that we had already been in California for a full week! It went by super fast!!
Saturday morning Deni and I played Hide and Seek from Steve. All of us cleaned up our stuff and loaded up into the car. We drove and drove and drove.... We drove to St. George and stayed with Marie's uncle and aunt-Vicky and Detlief. NICEST people ever. Right when we got there they bbq us some hamburgers. We ate and talked and then when they went to sleep Steve and I and Tim and Marie stayed up playing 3-13. Super fun night.

Deni & I hiding from Steve

Leaving the Resort-so long to the sun!! (we came home and the next day it was snowing) :(

Room we stayed in at Detlief and Vicky's
Sunday, the 24th: We woke up to Vicky making pancakes, toast and eggs. How sweet is that? We had a nice breakfast and then Detlief showed us the golf course that they live on. It's a really nice place. Unfortunately, time flew by and it was time to leave. We drove most of the day!

I'm really so grateful that Steve and I were able to go on a nice vacation and to also spend time with our besties-The Rappleye fam!

Disneyland Trip part 4-SEAWORLD!

Thursday, the 21st: Woke up and drove to SEAWORLD! I've always wanted to go to Seaworld! This was my very first time at Seaworld, so I was giddy like a little kid. No joke. I couldn't wait to see the dolphins and Shamu! This was a dream come true. I LOVE animals and seeing animals, so it wasn't a surprise to me that Seaworld would be one of my favorite places.

We got to the park and saw so many fun things!

Here's what we did at Seaworld:

First stop.

The Clyde and Seamore Show (Sealion and Sea Otter)

Waiting for the show to start!
Biff was also in the show, but pre-show he would scare people with a Shamu puppet. It was really funny and Steve LOVED watching him scare people!

Next up.

Blue Horizon (Dolphins & Pilot Whales)

This show was probably one of my very favorites! It was so awesome! Dolphins, whales, birds, acrobatic performers and trainers all did tricks for us!

We of course had to eat. So we stopped and ate and I couldn't help but get a picture of this cookie shaped like Shamu!! SO cute!!

After we ate we made our way to the Shamu Stadium to see...

Believe (Killer Whales aka. SHAMU)
Can you believe something that big can jump out the water like that??

This was my very favorite part of the entire show. When everyone yells "Shamu-Shamu doo-doo-doo-doo" And Shamu swims around the tank and sprays the audience!

Hands down. Favorite show at Seaworld.-Steve's too.

We also saw...

Sea Otters
Super cute lil' guy! I wish I could of fed them!!


The Salt Water Aquarium

A fun filled day to say the least! I loved my first day at Seaworld! Heck, if we lived in San Diego someone sign me up to be a dolphin trainer. No joke!

Palm Springs (where the resort was) is 2 1/2 hours from Seaworld. We were all tired from driving and wanted to just stay the night in San Diego. So we found a nice little hotel and stayed the night. That way when we woke up we would only be 10 minutes from Seaworld!

Hanging out in our Hotel room

Deni wanted to come and say goodnight to us. She's such a sweet heart. I loved when she would come cuddle with me. She's a little cuddle bug.

What a fun day!