Sunday, March 18, 2012

Break and then some..

First off..Take a look at this sunrise. One of the many benefits of waking up early and going to work. Seriously. This right here made my day. (I took this on Friday)

Last weekend Steve had his spring break, which consisted of Friday-Monday off. Not exactly the ideal Spring break, but we will take what we can get!
So, we had a nice long weekend together. Sunday, we went and visited with grandpa and grandma Ford for grandma's birthday. We just love them and it was so nice to spend some time with them.

In the evening, I had the opportunity of going to a Janice Kapp Perry fireside. By far one of the best fireside's I have ever been to. She is such a fun and inspiring lady! Her cute husband came with her and they both are not only inspiring but super funny!! We were able to sing a medley of all of her primary songs. I didn't realize she wrote all of my favorites-I love to see the Temple, A Child's Prayer, As Sister's in Zion/Army of Helaman.. etc.
She said a lot of things that I needed to hear. It made me realize my love for music. I used to sing and write songs..but as I got older, it didn't seem important to me to continue doing it. I really felt that I needed to start that back up again. Not that I'm going to be publishing any music..haha but just because that was one of my talents, and I know that I've lost a lot of it because I simply stopped doing it.
The fireside was uplifting, inspiring and funny! She really is such a wonderful woman, and I'm grateful for her testimony.

Monday, Steve and I spent the day in Park City. The weather was perfect. Sun was shining-what else could you ask for, right? We walked around the outlet stores and then went to the Olympic Museum. It was soooo nice to spend time with my sweetheart. A much needed break together. I loved.EVERY.minute. of it.

Well, Steve is now back in the swing of things-studying that is. He has his top 200 drug test tomorrow and then a test of Friday on Pharmacokinetics. <---Pharma what? yeah...

I've been keeping busy with work and of course with the Young Women. Wednesday we had an 80's party! I was probably more excited about this than the girls! haha. We all dressed up in our best 80's get-up. We played pin the glove on Michael Jackson, Twister, Spoons and had a dance off . The girls had a blast and all of us leaders had a great time too!:)

St.Patty's day was great! We woke up and had green blue berry pancakes and then Steve and I went to the Young Women basketball game. I was super grateful Steve came to support me and the girls (since he needed to study).
The girls made it to regions!! The game was really good. They were losing by 8 points and they ended up winning by 8 points!! So there next game is Thursday. The luck of the Irish were with us! ha.;)
I made chocolate chip cookies and turned them green...Somethings are meant to not be other colors! I almost gagged rolling the looked like... BUT the cookies were good!
To end the night Ellen made a St. Patrick's day dinner with lots of green food..mmm. It was delish!

And to end this week we went to Todd and Larissa's baby blessing. Elle looked like an angel. She looked so pretty dressed in white! It was fun to see our friends and be able to support Elle on such a special day.

Well, I'm going to go cut some fabric! Can't wait to sew!! It's been way too long since I've made something.