Saturday, July 27, 2013

Miracles Happen-Part 1

On Father's day,  I started to get a little crampy in my lower back and I started to feel some pressure.  I really thought that it could be from my belly growing.  But I was extra cautious and didn't hold any of the  little one's during our family party.  You know when you get those feelings that something just isn't feeling quite right?  Before leaving my parents house I got super emotional.  As soon as I hugged my dad and told him how much I loved him, I lost it.

Monday, I went to work and I was still feeling that same feeling.  Crampy, pressure and this feeling that something could be wrong.  I called my nurse to tell her my concerns.  She told me she thought it was a good idea if I had an ultrasound done and then a urinalysis.  The technician at the office was booked for the day, so she asked that I go across the street to this imaging office and than after come in and do the urinalysis.  
I felt relief knowing I could see Beckham and make sure everything is going ok.  I called Steve and let him know that I'm going to go get checked.  Steve hasn't missed any dr. appointments and he wanted to come, but I let him know that everything would be fine.  (He was in the middle of working at Costco rotations).

I went to the imaging office and the technician was super nice.  I saw Beckham kicking around and waving his cute hand.  I asked the technician how Beckham looked and if everything looked the way it should be.  He told me that everything looks good from what he could see and Beckham is measuring a week a head of schedule.  He told me he would send the images to my doctors office and if something doesn't seem right, they will let me know. 
I was feeling confident again, and sent Steve a quick text letting him know everything is fine! Beckham is even growing a week a head of schedule!:)

I than went to my doctors office and did the urinalysis, as I was a about to leave my nurse came over and told me she needed to speak to me.  My heart sunk.  I started to get worried.
She sat me down and told me that my cervix is thinning.  She said that it can be common, and I'll need to come in and have another ultrasound on Thursday.  She said if it keeps thinning I'm going to need to get a serclage- ( sew the cervix shut).  Connie, the technician at my doctors office walked by and Cindy(my nurse) introduced me to Connie.  She told me that I'll be seeing her on Thursday, and she would be checking my cervix often throughout the next couple weeks.
Connie said she could do a quick look right now.  Cindy, said "Connie, your busy! You have a lot of people to look at it."  Connie said, "no it's fine. Ill do a quick look". Connie takes me and does another ultrasound.  She than tells me my cervix is a lot thinner than what the first technician had originally seen.

My cervix at this point should be at a 3.8 centimeters, the first technician said it was at a 2.8 and it was really only at a 1.5.  TALK ABOUT A MIRACLE that Connie wanted to check and look again.
My doctor took  me in his office and told me the plan.  He was very serious, and told me that if I want to save this baby we need to do emergency surgery in 2 hours.  They would need to sew my cervix shut.  I was going into pre term labor.  I told my doctor I would do anything. I said I'll plan on surgery in two hours.  I than started to cry.  The tears just kept coming and coming.  I felt so much fear and hopelessness.  I could lose my baby.  The baby that we prayed for, for so many years. Cindy took me aside and kept hugging me. Telling me everything is going to be fine. She asked if she could get a hold of Steve for me.  I told her that I could call him.  I called Steve and he wasn't answering (he had his phone on silent since he was working) so I call my mom.  I'm crying and asking my mom and dad to meet me at the hospital.  I still couldn't get a hold of Steve so I sent him a text. Reading: Call me ASAP please! I have to go in for surgery.  Steve calls me and asks me what happened and what surgery. I told him everything.  Steve left work and met me at the hospital.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Finding out the Gender!!!

On Friday, June 7th we found out what Baby Ford is! Steve and I couldn't wait the full 15 weeks to find out what he/she was. So we went when I was 14 weeks and 3 days.  On our ride there we were both sooo anxious! Once you find out the gender, it makes it seem so much more real.  We than can start calling baby by name.  Steve and I both didn't care what gender baby was. We just felt so grateful that this little miracle is growing inside of me.

Baby wasn't very cooperative, and didn't want to reveal what he/she was! When we first saw baby on the ultrasound his/her arms were up in the air while baby slept.  Already taking after his mamma! ;)
The tech was able to get baby moving, and then revealed we are having a BABY BOY!!!!!  Our little Beckham.  Steve and I were both overwhelmed with excitement!  Beckham already has a lot of personality.  When the technician was trying to get him to move again, she started pushing a little on my stomach where he was.  He put his little fist in the air and did three fist punches up at her! It was so funny! He also is a thumb sucker.  He loves his hands and always has them up by his face.

When we left Fetal photos, Steve and I went to our favorite place to eat- Tepanyaki Steak house!  We only go there on special occasions.  This was  definitely a special day!  On our drive there, we just kept laughing and then yelling- We're having a baby!!! a BABY BOY!! It almost seemed like a dream.  We also gave thanks to our Father in Heaven.
Dinner wasn't as good as what I remember it always tasting...and I of course ended up in the bathroom.. but it was such a special night for Steve and I.
After dinner we couldn't wait to share the good news with our immediate family!  Because no one knew we were going this day, everyone was busy doing things! We just told everyone we wanted to come visit.  Kody and Jade ended up being the first to know that Bex was a boy! We showed them the video and Carson was super funny.  He would say "he looks like an alien"  and then "how is he in there?" and points to my belly.  We then were able to show the parents, and both parents reactions were awesome!  Everyone is excited for this little man to join the family!

I'm sooooo excited!! We're having a little man. OUR OWN little man!!!!