Thursday, June 5, 2008

Living in Washington -WHERE'S THE SUN?

Steve and I have been living in Everett, Washington now since the beginning of May! Steve and I are both working here for the summer. I can't decide if I really like Washington. One day it's nice and sunny and then the rest of the month seems to rain! EVERYDAY!! Washington is really pretty, but I'm ready for the sun to shine. *crossing my fingers that summer will come soon... *

We've been to Pike's Market Place. We went there on one of our day's off with some friends. It was lots of fun to see all the shops, fruits, flowers and fish! Those of you who know me well know that I hate the smell of fish! Pike's Market place smelled of it VERY strongly! So, besides the nasty fish smell it was great! We have also been on a ferry to Whidbey Island. The ocean and everything is so pretty! I've never seen so many different shades of green and the flowers here our gorgeous! Steve and I walked along the ocean coast and enjoyed talking and being together.