Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Drive

Steve and I took a drive along the Alpine loop when all the leaves were changing.  Fall is one of my very favorite times of the year.  I loved spending time with my sweetheart and looking at all the pretty colors!

Volleyball 2012

Volleyball has been consuming my Tuesday and Thursday nights!  Which I can't complain. I love being with the young women anytime that I can! :)  They keep me laughing and I have a great time with them.
This year we made it to regions for the first time in volleyball!  Thursday is our regions game and I can't wait!:)

Learn Something New Thursday

Shannon and Jason built a home and they are now just 15 minutes from where we live! Which we absolutely love!! It's so nice having them closer.  Jason is traveling a lot with work and with Steve busy with school Shannon and I decided to have a "learn something new Thursday"- every Thursday.
The categories we do each month is: Spiritual, Baking, Arts/Crafts and Health/Wellness.

I have LOVED this.  It's be awesome getting to know Shannon better (since they lived so far away before) and it's nice learning new things every week.

Some things we've done so far:

*Make Zuchinni Bread and Sunshine bags

*Attend the temple

*Gourmet Caramel Apple Class

*Can Peaches

*Jenny Phillips fireside

and next Thursday Craft night!!:)