Saturday, January 29, 2011


Well it's 1am. I can't really sleep. Too excited for our get a way!
I can't wait to get a way from the cold and welcome the warmth with loving arms!
And laying in the warm sand next to my handsome hubby! ;)
I'm really crossing my fingers that I get to see a wild dolphin.

Only a couple more hours........

Thursday, January 27, 2011


I just LOVE the young women program. The girls seriously inspire me. They always make me want to be better. I can feel my testimony growing just by spending time with them. I'm so grateful to heavenly father for giving me the opportunity to be with these girls so much. It's sure taking a lot of me and Steve time out. Which has been hard. But I know this is what I'm supposed to be doing right now.
I get to be with the girls Tuesday-Thursday. :) I think in god's eyes the girls our my girls for right now. Maybe that's why I don't get to be a mommy quite yet. Sure, it's hard. REALLY hard. But when I am with the girls I forgot about the fact that I'm not a mom. And it's okay I'm not a mom quite yet.
Our bishop this year has encouraged all of the youth to make a goal and do baptisms each month. It's pretty amazing to see how stoked the girls are to wake up at 6am to go to the temple. 6am! That is seriously so early. I so enjoy my sleep. But I would wake up 6 am every morning to go with Steve and the girls to the temple- any day. They are great examples to me. And I'm so lucky and grateful to have such a loving husband who will wake up early to help take the girls with me. I can't pile all of them into my little car!
Tonight was the girls basketball game. After the game we did the cheer we do at every game while huddled in a circle-"Potato chip, potato chip. Crunch crunch crunch. We think that your team is a mighty fine bunch!" When we were all huddled together it brought tears to my eyes. Call me a boob. Because I am. But I'm so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing girls. I'm so lucky that Heavenly father trusts me enough to be able to spend so much time with them.
I sure love them to pieces.
And there is nothing better than watching Steve cheering the girls on. Saying "Nice d! Nice d! (for nice defense) I love that even though I'm keeping super busy, he supports me in everything I do.

Well, It's me and Steve time now! We're going to be laughing until our stomach's hurt! Time to watch WIPEOUT.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Life is interesting. I've been thinking a lot how busy life is. It's so easy to get wrapped up in being busy. I sort of miss the days when Steve and I had nothing better to do but to just cuddle up and watch a movie or being spontaneous.

Oh AWESOME news!!!! Steve has an interview for PHARMACY SCHOOL MARCH 3rd!!
We are stoked. I wonder where this journey will take us.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Steve got an interview!!!

I'm so excited!! Steve opened his inbox today and found this lovely letter:

Good afternoon,

Thank you for applying to the University of Southern Nevada College of Pharmacy! We deeply appreciate your interest in the pharmacy program offered on our Henderson, Nevada and South Jordan, Utah campuses. On behalf of the College, I am delighted to invite you to interview for the program. Please e-mail me as soon as possible (no later than January 24) to let me know if you accept this invitation and your first and second choices of the following interview campus locations and dates:

Campus Date

Utah Thursday, March 3


Nevada Tuesday, March 8

All of the interview days begin at 1:30 pm and it is expected that they will be completed by 6:30 pm. You must be present on campus by

1:15 pm. While many candidates should be finished with their interviews by 5:30 pm, it is possible that you may need to stay until after 6:00.

The Admissions Office will do its best to assign you to the interview day that is your first choice. However, please understand that interview spaces are limited and candidates may be required to interview at a campus and date that is not their first choice. If you need an alternate interview date, additional interview days will be held in March Please note that campus interview location is for scheduling purposes only and does not determine or impact your admission status or enrollment location.

If you accept this invitation to interview at USN, I will send you an e-mail confirming your interview campus location, date and directions to campus. Hotel information is available on request.

When you arrive on your assigned interview day, please have a photo I.D. such as a driver’s license with you to check-in.

On the day of your interview, the Admissions Office will provide you with an orientation of the program, a tour of the facilities, and an opportunity to meet with current USN pharmacy students. Candidates are interviewed by a panel of two interviewers that will consist of a faculty member and a student from the College. Please feel free to ask the panel members any questions you have about the program. During the interview, the panel will assess your oral communication skills, ability to work within a team, leadership and problem-solving skills, motivation and professionalism. The panel expects to complete your interview within 30 minutes.

If you are interested in pursuing a Pharm.D. / MBA degree, representatives from USN’s MBA program will also be available during the interview day to speak with you. You can learn more about the MBA program by visiting the ‘Colleges and Program’ section of the USN website at

If you have any questions about the interview day or process, please feel free to contact me. The College administration, faculty and staff look forward to meeting you.

Highest Regards,

Michael DeYoung, RPh, PhD

Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs

University of Southern Nevada

College of Pharmacy

(702) 968-2006

I'm so proud of Steve. We've been waiting a very long time for an interview, and all of our hard work is paying off. So we are anxiously waiting for March 3rd to come around for this interview. Then next step will be to find out if he's accepted! We're really excited!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Date and then some.

This past weekend was lot's of fun! Steve asked me out on a date. So cute. I love that he still asks me out. Keeps the sparks sill flyin..among all the other things.
Steve said that I could pick any movie that I wanted to see. So, how could I pass up a chance to go see the Disney movie Tangled? I love that Steve is willing to take turns to see a chick flick movie with me. Last movie we saw at the theatre was for his birthday, and he got to pick. :)

Our date was perfect. The movie was super cute and nothing beats holding hands with my sweetheart.

What else? Oh! We hung out with Tim and Marie and of course the cute kiddo's on Friday night. We haven't seen them very much lately, so it was nice to hang out and see them! We miss them!

We also played with Sophie. Remember the cute pup? Well she's still super cute and she's getting quite a bit bigger. (It's also making Steve pretty fond of dogs too! woot.)

To end our weekend we invited Stacie and Austin to come over for dinner. Stacie is one of my friends from work. They brought over an xbox and the new kinect game. It is so much fun!! This camera thing watches you and it knows every move you do without the controls or mats. We played Dance Dance Revolution and then this obstacle course one. It's so funny because your jumping and ducking and pulling things on the game, but you can't tell if you were just watching us.

Well that's an update on our weekend!

Christmas Update

Blogging has been the last thing on my mind. Steve, Kris and Jess are watching the football game that's on. AND with that being said-what a perfect time to update! (I'm really not into football games all that much)

Work has been AWESOME! Over the Christmas holiday we did a pod decorating contest. My team did "Polar Express." Everyone dressed up in robes and drank hot cocoa while the Polar Express music played through out the day. Everyone seriously goes all out decorating the area that they work at. Also at work we wrapped Christmas presents for kids in need. Put together hygiene kits and had a christmas party-complete with the white elephant game. I'm still lovin' all the people I work with too.

Christmas Eve we spent at the Ford's since we had Thanksgiving at my fam's. In the morning we went skiing and then in the evening we had a party. It was a lot of fun playing games with all the cousins and with grandpa and grandma Ford.

After the party Steve and I went home and went to bed. Little did Steve know that I had a Christmas surprise for him. :) I woke up at 4:00am to go put stuff in our stockings.

I was so excited that it was Christmas and that Steve could open his present. I went back to sleep and then we woke up at 7:30 am. Okay, let me explain something. I completely fooled Steve into him believing that I bought his Christmas present at Walmart. I pre wrapped all these random things that we already had at our house because I didn't want him to know-at all what I got him. So, when he came in the living room on Christmas morning I gave him his first gift. He opened it up and it was a photo album that I have sitting out all the time. He looks at kind of confused, but because he's such a sweetie didn't say anything. That's when I chime in "Decoy #1." He then smiles. I'm assuming pretty relieved that I didn't give him a used photo album. Then I hand him his second present. He opens it up. It's our Ford sign that's usually in our entertainment center. "Decoy #2". This time I'm laughing so hard and then tell him to close his eyes. Under our couch I hid his real wrapped present. I had Sherrie Behunin wrap it for me. I'm a HORRIBLE present wrapper. I have never been good at it. I hand him the gift and he's looking at it in awe. He asks me when I went to the mall to have it wrapped. ha ha. No surprise really. I told him to just open the present. He opens the present and sees an American Eagle box. He smiles and tells me thanks because he likes American Eagle. That's when I say "Decoy #3". In the American Eagle box is a small box wrapped in more wrapping paper. Then he opens that and finds his real present.-a hand gun. Now for me, I've never been much of a gun person. Dad never owned a gun and to be honest they make me a tad bit nervous. Steve for months has been hinting that he wanted a gun. Actually not hinting but reminding me how much he needs and wants a gun. I kept telling him that I didn't want one in our house and they are out of our budget. he he. I LOVED that I could surprise him. Best thing about Christmas.

After we opened presents we went to my families house and had keish and oranges. Two of my favorite things. We opened presents with everyone, hung out and we were able to talk to Kolten! It was a bitter sweet moment. I sure miss Kolt but I'm glad he's where he's supposed to be. Next month he'll be out in the mission field for one year.

In the afternoon we went over to the Fords. Little did I know Steve had a surprise for me. After we opened up our Christmas gifts with everyone, Steve hands me a big wrapped box. I'm thinking it's from Bob and Ellen. Then I look at the tag and it says: To: Keira From: Steve. My first words that came out of my mouth were "Steve you little monkey!" I was shocked. I had no clue. NO clue what so ever that he had something else for me for Christmas. I rip open the paper and see that he got me a Cricut!! I've wanted one for so long, but didn't really think it was necessary that I go buy myself one. The fact that I got this present was amazing. But what really made it awesome was that he surprised me like crazy. It was a really thoughtful gift.
We also went over to grandma and grandpa Ford's and hung out there. We ate way too much, but love every minute of it.

Steve and I are really blessed with so much, and I'm so grateful for him. He's my best friend and my everything.
I'm also so grateful for my Savior. He's always watching out for Steve and I and I know he keeps a watchful eye out for us.
I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! We had a great 2010!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I dreamed of grandpa Anderson last night. In my dream I saw grandma Anderson dancing. She looked so happy being able to dance again. I kept looking closer to find out who grandma was dancing with. Then I saw grandpa. He looked younger. Younger than the pictures that my mom and dad have of him in their house. But I knew it was him right when I saw him. He smiled at me, and when he did I felt this overwhelming/powerful feeling of the spirit of the holy ghost. Probably the most powerful feeling that I have ever felt. It wasn't a scary feeling it was really peaceful. But when I realized in my dream that my grandpa had passed it kind of startled me and I wanted to wake up. So I did wake up.

I've always felt that I have a special bond with grandpa even though he passed away before I was born. I've always really wanted to be able to have the chance to talk to him. I wish that in my dream I could of asked how he was, or just really talk.
I worry about grandma lately. She's been having lots of heart problems. I hope grandpa isn't planning on getting her soon. I care too much about her. Everyone does. I know that there is life after death. I know it. But no one likes saying goodbye for the while we are separated on earth.

After work Steve and I went to visit with grandma. It got me thinking about how lucky I am to have such a wonderful grandma she would do anything for us. Steve and I wanted to go visit with her, so this evening after work we went to grandma's and stayed a couple hours. She had made her homemade pea soup with carrots in it. She gave us ice cream and then we watched Biggest Loser.

I sure love grandma. I'm so grateful for her. I'm grateful for my experience last night as well, to be able to know that when grandma some day passes on my grandpa is waiting for her. He's waiting to dance with her again. It will be a very sad day on earth when she goes and leaves us all behind, but it will be a happy reuniting when grandpa and grandma are together again.