Thursday, January 9, 2014

Feeling closer to heaven.

I have so much to update about our sweet lil Beckham. I wanted to write this down though so I don't ever forget it.

Today I started the Book of Mormon challenge on insta to read the bom in 365 days. It's 6am and I just got done feeding and changing Bex. We sit in his rocking chair and I ask him if he wants to read the bom with mom. He gives me the biggest gummy smile. As I read it he continues to give me big smiles. 

Also, during bedtime I sing to him primary songs. His favorite is I am a child of God. Anytime I sing it to him he will smile so big when I sing Beckham is a child of God.

I love how close he is to heaven still. He brings such an amazing spirit in the home. I'm so lucky to have this sweetheart forever.

Here's a recent pic of our lil guy:)