Tuesday, April 17, 2012


The last couple weeks have been awesome! I've had the opportunity of meeting so many new people.

The week of conference I had the opportunity of meeting with the General Young Women Presidency. This was one of the most spiritual and neatest experiences I've ever had. The light of Christ radiates from these women and I couldn't help but want to soak it all up.

Conference weekend, I went to our annual ladies night with my mom and my sisters. But this year my Ford sisters got to join us as well. It was so much fun having all my sisters around!
We met Stephanie Nielson. Aslo an inspiring woman-check out her blog

One of the greatest things about blogging is that their are so many awesome people that you can meet. Whitney Blake has become one of my very dear friends through blogging. I had the opportunity of FINALLY meeting her and her cute family! She just adopted one of the most cutest babies-ever. Her blog is super inspiring, and you should go over and check out her miracle story.

Jessica and Kris just had their baby...which means, ladies and gents-we have a niece! She is seriously an angel. Steve and I can't get enough of how perfect she is. It's amazing the feeling that is surrounded by newborns. We already love her so much!
Steve and I are so lucky to have Carson, and now Averie (Ava) in our lives.

First time meeting/holding her
Just a couple days old..She's sleeping with her hand on her face

And...I know this isn't technically a person..actually not at all. I have new glasses and I love em'!

Life is good. I can't complain!