Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy Birthday little man.

Carson just had his birthday on Thursday and so everyone got together to celebrate! This little man has wrapped EVERYONE around his finger. He knows exactly how to to melt everyone's heart. Happy Birthday dino-boy! We are so happy you are in our lives.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Red, White and Balloons!

We started off our Holiday by going to the Sundance cabin, just Steve and I the night before. We had our dinner on the deck, and enjoyed listening to the creek and the birds. It was SO much more cooler in the mountains and so nice to get away from the heat wave.
Steve and I enjoyed being outside and then in the evening, we went inside to play some card games. I love my sweetheart. I love that we can do everything and anything together and have a great time.

In the morning, we woke up bright and early. REALLY early. We wanted to go to the Balloon Festival and it started at 6:00am. Steve and I had heard lots of really good things about the festival and we wanted to check it out.
SO, that’s what we did. We were pleasantly surprised! There were balloons everywhere! It was so awesome to see the balloons and the different sizes and shapes. I think my favorite was the pink pig.
As the balloons were in the air, they had lots of Fourth of July music and got everyone’s spirits in the right direction for the holiday. There is something really neat about balloons, they almost seem magical. It made me feel like a little kid! I got so excited when the balloons would go right over our heads.

We hung out at the balloon festival until the balloons had gone away, and not too long after it was time for the parade. So, Steve and I walked hand in hand down the street to watch the parade.

We had so much fun at these two festivities, they were not a disappointment. We loved it so much we are going to make it a Fourth of July tradition! Next year, I’m packing up some breakfast though so we don’t need to eat at Mcdonalds. Bleh.
On our way home, we decided we would make a quick stop at the Ford’s and say hello to them before we met up with my family.

Around noon-ish, we met up with my family in Park City where we did a little shopping, ate pizza and then went down the Alpine slide.

We made it home at 5 and we were exhausted. So we took an hour nap and then met up with Kris, Jessica and baby Ava to go to the fireworks! It was our first time going to the SLC fireworks and they were awesome.

We had a Happy and busy holiday! We really are so blessed to be able to have freedom and be able to live in such a great place!
Hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday! xoxo

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Steve and I have been enjoying our summer! And getting in as much US time as possible. We have loved every.minute.of it. and I think it’s completely spoiling us!

On one of our weekends, we were able to go and spend time with grandma and grandpa Ford. It was so much fun! We love these two and are so grateful that we have them in our lives.
We went to their house on Friday night and grandma and grandpa made us dinner. We had a nice dinner and then Grandpa wanted to show us his plane that he had built, he had been working on this for the past few years. The plane is completed, it just needs to be painted.
It is seriously sooo awesome!! I can’t wait for the fall when we can take a ride in it! I’ve never been in a small airplane before.

We loved hearing all about his plane and seeing all the features of it. Grandma and Grandpa then took us to see where Bob (Steve’s dad) had grown up, and where he took care of his horse. I loved it! I love seeing and hearing stories about our family. It’s so neat.
In the evening, we stayed up playing games and eating lots of candy! These two just kept making us laugh and we enjoyed spending time with them.

In the morning, we made breakfast and then Steve and Grandpa went to fix a piece on the plane. Grandma and I stayed and she showed me how to make homemade pie crust! Lately, I have been obsessed with making pies.
Grandma and I had a great time, by the end we were covered with flour. These are the memories I want to keep. I was so happy when grandma said she would show me how to make a pie. I loved that, but I mostly just loved spending one on one time with her and laughing in the kitchen.

Steve and I had such a fun time with these two! I am so lucky to have married into the Ford family and have them now as my own grandparents. They treat me just as if I had always belonged in the family. We love you grandma and grandpa Ford.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Father's Day!

I know, it's now July and I'm doing a Father's dy post. I've been having too much fun with Steve before he hits the books next month.:)

Father's day was a great day! Spent lots of time with the most important men in my life. I've had a whole new perspective on Father's day/Mother's day. I used to only think it should be a day to celebrate for those who actually have children..hence the Father part. But, I've come to realize that even though Steve isn't a father yet he still has amazing father like qualities.
He constantly is setting an example for those that are in our neighborhood, for my brothers and he is by far one of the most caring and charitable people that I know. He is always concerned for others and their well being.

We went to grandma and grandpa Ford's and had dessert and talked with all the family and celebrated there. After, we headed over to my parents house to celebrate my cute daddy-o.

How I just love my dad. He's such a great example of unconditional love. He would do anything for us kids. Anytime we need him or even just to talk with him he will stop what he's doing and be there. I'm super grateful for him!

Crazy thing that happened... While everyone was eating and chatting, a baby bird had fallen from the tree. Both of it's parents kept trying to help the baby bird but they couldn't do much for the little thing because it couldn't fly yet.
We didn't want to touch the bird because we were afraid the parents would reject it, and the nest was so high there was no way that we could put the bird back.
We all felt bad for the bird, and to see both parents doing everything they possibly could to help their baby. Not too long after the parents of the bird started landing on our hands and our feet. I have never seen anything like it before and it broke my heart thinking that these birds are doing EVERYTHING they can to save their baby. Even risking their own lives, by coming up to us to see if we could help. It was really neat to witness that.
We had a fun filled day with lots of food, family...and birds.:)

Happy Father's day to all the awesome men out there!