Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bex is 3 months!

So it's really hard for me to update my blog! When I do have a minute I'm trying to get the house chores done or figuring out dinner. I have soo much to say and write about our miracle babe. 

Here's a little update on our sweet heart. Bex will be 4 months old the end of this month! (3 months gest) I can't believe how quickly time is going and how big he's getting. I swear he changes weekly!

3 weeks ago our bubba weighed 12lbs. 1 oz. I know he's gained more since then. He looooves eating and I'm so grateful that he does. 

His neck is getting stronger, his head not nearly as floppy. He hates tummy time with a passion but loves to have me hold him so he can look around over my shoulder (his neck gets stronger by doing this).

He loves music! We listen to the Disney channel on Pandora daily and he coos and smiles to the music. I'm so happy he loves music like me:)

Whenever he wakes up and sees Steve or I he will smile at us. Sweetest thing ever!

He's trying to do a laugh. It sounds kind of like a courtesy laugh. It's super cute!

I love being this boy's mom. My heart is so full of gratitude to my Father in Heaven for blessing me so much. He's perfect!!! Motherhood is definitely exhausting but it's the best calling in the whole world.

I did a little vday photo shoot yesterday. I love his smile!:)