Sunday, November 11, 2012

When the world seems to stop.

This week has been full of emotions.  Last Sunday, I found out that I would be getting released from the young women's. It's a crazy feeling knowing that I will no longer be in these girls lives as much as I have been.   It's been three years that I've been able to serve them and be with them every week.

I've been mentally and emotionally preparing myself for today.  I've felt so much love from my Father in Heaven.

Some might think that it's ridiculous why I would be so sad over a calling, but these girls are my life.  They have been my life for the past three years.  Everything that I do revolves around them.

I have so much gratitude to my Father in Heaven for allowing me to surround myself with such amazing girls.   My heart has felt so heavy.  I'm very sad with this new change, but I know that God is in charge.

This calling has strengthened my testimony more than any calling that I've ever had.  I know that without a doubt that the personal progress program is divine.  I know of my worth more than I ever have before.   

The girls have changed my life forever, and I'm so humbled to have been able to serve them.

I love these girls, I'll love them forever.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fall 2012.

Since I've been so far behind on my blog I'm going to do a recap of everything that we've been up to in one post!:)

General Conference weekend we had our annual ladies night! I look forward to this every year.

 Also during conference weekend Steve and I spent some time at the Ford cabin.  Before the afternoon session we went for a  nice Sunday walk killer hike. I wore a nice scarf and my boots! :(

 Spending lots of time with Jess and Ava bug. I love spending time with these two! Isn't Ava such a doll?

Cornbelly's has been a favorite. A total of three times this month.  
Kris and Jess came with Steve and I & we went to Barn Yard Boo.  Lot's of animals and fun things to do!

Then everyone in my family went one evening for mom's birthday! She really wanted to do the corn maze. So that's what we did.  Steve had to stay home this night to study for a big exam.  Good news though-he passed his test!!:)

And lastly, Steve and I had a date night there! It was so fun spending time with him. Walking around while holding hands and drinking hot cocoa.

 Carving Pumpkins.
 We first  went to mom and dad's and carved pumpkins as a family! We do this every year and I love it.

 I made a Halloween dinner on Saturday and then we carved pumpkins with Jason and Shannon.  Dinner in a pumpkin is our new tradition (thanks to Marie for the recipe!)

 Halloween was fun! Our good friends invited us over for dinner and then we spent the evening with them. Colleen and I dressed up and the men decided not to! I dressed up like Minnie. Last minute.