Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mini Getaway

This weekend we had a mini getaway with Jason, Shannon, J.R. and Kosha. It was seriously so much fun! It was so nice to have a mini get away-even if it was just for a short little trip.
We stayed at Shannon's cabin in Scofield. It was way nice! Right when you walk outside of the cabin, in the backyard is a beautiful lake. PERFECT for any fun water sport. We were seriously wishing we had a boat because the water was glass.
Oh how I miss water skiing. I can't wait to take my first ski run.. Anyway, we did so much! We went on a walk around Scofield. It's a super cute little town. We rode the wave runner, used the paddle boat, watched movies, played games, roasted S'mores and even road in a six wheeler that you can ride in the water. Coolest thing ever.

First on land...

Now on water!

Such a nice weekend. Can't wait until we have another one!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lil' Black Beauty

Steve's parents neighbors had some baby horses!! One of which was a baby from a full size horse. The other baby was from a miniature pony. MINIATURE! How cute is that?? Aw. I loved it! I love horses! And I loved it even more seeing the babies.

The baby of the full size mare was so super tiny and cute, but when we saw the miniature baby it was adorable. Size of a small dog! I kept asking Steve if he would let me take it home with me ;)

Here's a video of the mini. Look how small this lil' guy is! Don't mind me giving a disgusted face..a dang bug was coming at my face..

Oh and something else that's cute. Blake and Sherrie bought some pigeons to teach Soph had to retrieve birds. She Loved it! She's seriously so obsessed with birds. You say "bird" and she is ready to track it down and point it out.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Daddy-o's Birthday!

My cute dad also had his birthday this week. Before Steve became the #1 man in my life, my dad was. My dad is seriously such an amazing man. I look up to him, and he's taught me so much.

I'm sure lucky that I have such an amazing daddy-o.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Grand Pappy's Bday!

My sweet Great Grandpa Joe turned 95!

We had a fun birthday bash at his house.

I sure love him to pieces. I have so many fun memories with him. My most favorite one, is when I was younger he would have me put my fingers between his and he would lock them and ask me to try and take them out. It was super hard!! And he would just laugh. I also love that when I give him a kiss on his cheek. Instead of kissing my cheek back, he does a cute little clicking noise in my ear back to me-which means he's "kissing" me back.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Thursday night we slept over at Grandpa and Grandma Ford's house. We are so super lucky to have such amazing grandparents.

Right after we got off work, we went met up with Grandma and Grandpa at Robintino's. The first thing that grandma said was "We've been waiting all day to see you two." What a sweetheart. They are seriously so thoughtful. They wanted to treat us to dinner, and it was super nice of them. We definitely enjoyed the food and the company!

When we got to their house, we played a card game of canasta, and grandma made some homemade shakes!

We had to get up early on Friday, and grandma was such a sweetheart. She woke up early just to make sure we had a good breakfast. (Keep in mind, she just had two knee replacements not too long ago. SO she doesn't feel the greatest herself, but is always thinking of others.) She's a perfect example of how I need to be.

We had such a fun little sleepover with these two. I can't wait until we have another!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Family Pics 2011.

Petey's getting married!

Preston is getting married to Mckenzie! We are all so super excited for them. They seriously are so perfect for one another. I haven't seen Preston like this-ever. He never can stop smiling. He loves her so much, and Kenzie too.
Kenzie fits in the family really well. Even though I've only know her for a month it seems like I've known her longer.

Steve and I are excited to have another sister in law in the fam! Can't wait for there big day on July 30th!:)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane.

Kody has been living in Nebraska since June and Jade and Carson just left on Friday. I'm definitely missing them already but I'm happy that there little fam can be together. Thank the heavens that they aren't living there permanently-it's just for the summer. Kody is selling satellite.

The night before they left, we ate at Gecko's as a fam for my bday and then went and watched Kris play basketball. We also had some fun on my ipad :)

We sure miss you guys already, but I'm glad you get to have your own little adventure away. Can't wait to see you in August!

Girls Night!

Steve left for the cabin this week with his dad, brothers and mom to lay astro turf down. So, what a perfect excuse to have a girls night! Woot!

Friday night Whitney, Shannon, Kenzie and I all met up to have a girls night and sleepover! How fun is that?
We painted our nails, watched princess and the frog,ate lots of food and then even did homemade facials. Which didn't exactly turn out how we planned. The smell of it made us all gag and we could only handle the facial for a few minutes.
There is something so disturbing when it comes to the smell of puree cucumber and yogurt!
In the morning, we woke up and all went to the temple together. It was really awesome.

I had such a fun time with you girls!

I'm 26!

SAY WHAT? yep. I'm the big 2-6! ha ha. I generally make a big deal about my birthday's.
This year was a tad bit different.
In all honesty, I was a little..what's the word? Upset is a good word. I was a little upset that I turned 26 this year. Because I like to so call plan out what's going on in my life. And yea, that doesn't always go so well. Heavenly Father is in charge, I know it. But, yet I always like to plan my own life. (I"M WORKING ON IT!) I had planned out that by the time i'm 25 I would have at least one little bambino. Well my 25th birthday came, and gone. So I was thinking, okay, okay when I'm 26 I'll have my little one. And ahem, obviously-no baby. So I was getting super bitter and upset. One of my best friends Colleen dropped a little birthday treat off to me with a two page letter. She said she felt inspired to let me know a few things, and I'm sooooo extremely grateful to her for that. I'm so super blessed to have so many amazing people in my life. I SO needed to hear/read that.

Here's a quick little sum up of what I did for my day..oh and weekend! :)

We had a family dinner at Geckos with all my fam. Had an Anderson birthday bbq to celebrate grandma's, mine and josh's birthday. Went shopping with the ford gals. Came into work to find my desk decorated with lots of treats and my friend even made me a birthday cake! So many nice texts, phone calls and visits. Steve surprised me with multiple things. Wow, am I a very lucky lady! Steve is seriously so good to me. Steve and I went out to eat at Archibalds after work..MMM...and on your birthday they give you a free meal! Totally up for that.

I had an amazing day!

Here's a few pics of my birthday...

So happy birthday to me!:)

Grandma turned 87!

How I love my sweet little Grandma Anderson. I seriously just love her to pieces. Grandma and I have always shared our birthday's together, and I'm so grateful for that. This year we were able to have a birthday party for me, grandma and Josh (my cousins son)-again! :) I love it! It's always so much fun getting together with the Anderson side.

Grandma, is such a sweet and loving person. Anyone who has ever met her -she gives them a big hug and kiss on the cheek. She makes sure everyone knows that they are loved by her. Whether that's the first time knowing her or not.

I sure love you grandma! Happy Birthday! Many more to share. :)


Midgey is my baby sis. I've called her Midgey for years, and to be honest I don't think I've called her, her real name in forever (when I talk to her).:)

Kjersti is in France for a month, and to be honest I'm so completely envious! How awesome is that? She went with her best friend for a study abroad program and I'm super thrilled for her.
I definitely miss my little Midgey, but I'm glad she has such an awesome opportunity!

OH and something so awesome-She's getting married on Sept 1! Not to a french man-thank the heavens for that. Nothing against french men, but yea..anywho, she is marrying Tyler Conrad. They met 2 months ago at Tyler's homecoming. They really are so perfect for each other. At first I thought-NO WAY! She's just a baby! She's not old enough. But, my attitude changed quickly when I met him, and seen how right they are one another.
Plus, I'm gaining another awesome brother in law!

p.s. Tyler hasn't proposed yet! So no one start giving the congrats-quite yet!