Monday, May 28, 2012


I have loved the fact that Steve and I officially have a summer together!! Steve is done with all the studying and books until August. What an accomplishment for Steve to be done with his first year of pharmacy school! I'm so proud of his hard work and dedication.
Steve now goes to a pharmacy Monday-Friday and has the evenings off which means-me and Steve time!:)


Steve's elbow is getting better but he still gave me a scare last week!
He went off the IV infusions last Saturday night and he started an oral medication on Sunday.
Monday he went to the pharmacy and on his way home he called me and told me he had hives. He thought it could be a reaction from the oral medication that he had taken Sunday and then Monday morning. When he told me he had hives I thought possibly a couple hives here and there but I was in complete shock when he walked through our door. He was covered from head to toe.

{Hives from head to toe}

I couldn't believe how swollen his face was with all the red bumps covering his body. He went to our family practice doctor and they told us he was allergic to the medication.
I have never seen anyone before with that bad of hives. ever. It freaked me out!
Poor Steve and his bad luck lately.:( First the staph infection and then the hives. Thankfully, after a week his hives went away and Steve is better.

{No more hives}

Saturday, May 19, 2012

We did it!

A Simple Cut.

This past weekend and week have been exhausting. Last Tuesday Steve got a small cut on his elbow. He doesn't know what he did or how he got it. He noticed that he had a scrape on it so he cleaned it and didn't think much of it.
Come Thursday his elbow was a little sore and it wasn't anything out of the ordinary. His elbow already had a scab over it and that was that.
Friday, he got done taking a test and his arm was really sore. His friend noticed his elbow and couldn't believe how swollen it was. So, Steve went into our family practice doctor and they gave him a shot of antibiotics and told him to come in the following day for another injection.
I got off of work and we headed to the movies to see the Avenger's (which by the way is now probably our favorite movie) LOVED it.
Towards the end of the movie Steve's elbow was getting even more swollen and red. We figured the antibiotic that the doctor gave him hadn't started it's affect.


Saturday morning, Steve's elbow was really hurting him and he didn't get any sleep that night. He got about 2 hours of sleep. :(
We went back to the doctor and the nurse gave him another injection. Because of the redness and swelling she advised we see the doctor. The doctor saw it and instantly told us we need to go to the emergency room.


At that point they put Steve on an IV antibiotic and pain medication to help with the pain and also to fight this bug! The doctor told us that he has MRSA which is a type of staph infection.
So, every 12 hrs we would go to the hospital and get his infusions.
By Monday, the doctors told us he would need to continue the therapy for another week. Cost and time wise, we figured it would be a better idea to do home infusion therapy. So, Steve and I both learned how to give him his IV right at home.
We went to the doctor today, and the doctor told us he can get off the IV as of tomorrow. He will need to take oral medication for another week And he should be all better!!
It was super scary to see Steve sick from this infection. I hated seeing my sweetheart in pain. It seriously broke my heart. I'm so grateful for the amazing doctors/nurses who helped figure out what was going on and helped us stop the infection from spreading. Not to mention how grateful I am to our Heavenly Father for listening to our prayers and for family members who hold the priesthood.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tea Party!

This week has been a busy one! Last night we did a ladies tea party. The beehives wanted to do something for their mom's for Mother's day and this is what they came up with.
I have felt like I've been running around like a crazy woman trying to get everything prepared for the party. I am so relieved that it's done and it turned out!:)

I know I always say how impressed I am with these girls, but I'm going to say it again. I am so impressed with them! I asked each of them to do a spot light on their mom or someone who is considered a mother figure to them. (Who ever they were bringing for the evening)
I told them it could be something super simple. Just say why they love them or why they are grateful for them. Every single girl came up with something so creative and sweet. One wrote out a poem. Another used her mom's name and used the letters to say why she loved her. Some girls wrote out a full front and back page of why they love them.
One even spotlighted me, after she had spotlighted her mom. Talk about a choked up moment.
It was such a neat experience for me to see the love these girls have for their moms, and vice versa.

The party turned out nice! We had lots of food, laughter and even managed to squeeze in a game and had a Teaspoon Race.

I consider myself so blessed to be able to surround myself with such amazing woman. The light of Christ radiates from these girls and from their awesome mamma's!

I saw this tonight, and couldn't help but want to share it. Birth Mother's day falls on the Saturday before Mother's day. I don't ever see many Adoption videos and this one is by far one of the neatest one's I've seen.
I've gained so much appreciation for these strong woman who place their babies for adoption, this video shows that. Watch it. You'll see :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The littles.

I just love these two.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Steve and I decided to go for a walk on Saturday, so we drove to Sundance. The weather was a little cooler than what I would have liked, but it was nice. It's amazing that we live so close to such a beautiful place.

I loved spending time with my sweetheart.

Women's Conference 2012

This year I got to go to Women's Conference with my mom, Kartier, Whitney and my mom in law. I absolutely love women's conference! They had so many amazing talks that really touched me. I love the fact that there is women everywhere all coming for the same reason-to be uplifted.