Monday, August 31, 2009

River Rafting Adventure

Dang the weekends sure go by fast. I can't believe it's already another work week! Our weekend with one another was a lot of fun! Like I mentioned in my last post, we went to the cabin for the weekend with mom and dad Ford.

Friday we went boating for most of the day, and it was SOOO nice!!!! I LOVE boating! Boating is seriously one of my very FAVORITE things to do. We were all able to get a couple runs in, and the water was perfect! We had lunch, and also was able to take a little nap, enjoying the nice weather.
We went back to the cabin around 4, we all ate dinner and then Steve, Ellen and I played some games while Bob worked outside. I seriously love Ellen. She is so much fun to be around! I seriously am super blessed to have such an awesome mom-in-law.

After we played some games, the three of us went to this little educational meeting that Manilla does. (I can't remember what they call the meeting) Any who, the lady who spoke, had a slide show on the old west outlaws. I'm not going to lie, at first I was a little unsure of how interesting this would be, but once we got there and listened to lady speak, it was REALLY interesting. It was also really nice to be sitting outdoors enjoying the night sky.
The educational meeting lasted about an hour, and then we went back to the cabin and had some chips and salsa with a smoothie. We enjoyed our snacks outside on the new patio they put it in. :)

Saturday morning we met with our family friend, Alan at Dutch John. (it's an hour away from Manilla) Alan is a super sweet guy, he invites the Fords every year to go river rafting with all of his family. Steve and I went 2 years ago, and we loved it! I couldn't wait to go again.
Not only do we enjoy the GORGEOUS view of the river, but everyone has a HUGE water fight. Everyone brings squirt guns, buckets, you name it. It's really funny because you can make alliances with other rafts and then target at one specific one and "corner" them. It's So dang fun! I wish I had pictures of the fight, but we don't have a water camera....maybe next year?

Our weekend get a way was so nice! I had a great weekend, thanks again mom and dad Ford!
*I'll post pictures this weekend!! I haven't had any time to download the pics on our comp :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Thank goodness today is my last working day for the week! I love working my 4-10 hr days!! But this week has been super hard being at work. I just want to stay home and be with Steve. (He doesn't start school until next week) Besides that fact the I have to come and work,this week has been really nice. Steve's been meeting me at work so we can have lunch together. I seriously love it! And I love coming home and Steve's there! :) It is SO nice to come home to somebody.

Steve and I are going to the Cabin tonight-Saturday. I'm super excited! We are going to go BOATING tomorrow!!! I have only been boating one time this summer, and Steve hasn't gone at all. We seriously have been deprived.
Saturday we are going river rafting, I'm excited about that too! Wahoo! :)
It should be a very fun weekend! I'll post pictures when I get back!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Extremely Grateful

Wow, words just can't describe how grateful I am. This weekend was absolutely amazing!! The fact that Steve and I were reunited makes me so HAPPY!!

Thursday night my little sister Kjersti slept over. My mom and dad went on a river rafting trip with some friends, so Kj was able to come and help me decorate for Steve's arrival on Friday!
I had a lot of fun with little Midge! She helped me blow up balloons, and helped me put up the banner that I made Steve.
On Friday morning, she even did my nails and hair! What a sweetheart! :) She wanted me to look extra special for Steve. She also kept me pretty occupied, so i wouldn't go crazy waiting for him to arrive!

Steve came HOME at 3, and even though I was pretty occupied the time seriously couldn't come fast enough!
Steve called me as he was driving into the neighborhood, so I ran outside and waited for him. It was such a relief to have my husband home and safe with me. Seriously, words can't describe how happy we both were to be back together again.
Steve is SOO sweet too. He surprised me with roses! How sweet and thoughtful is that? He just drove a two day drive, and still picked me up roses. I seriously am so lucky.

After many tears, and catching up we were able to just spend time with one another. It was so wonderful eating dinner at our home and cuddling on the couch watching a movie, it was perfect.

Saturday morning, I had to take a double take when I saw Steve laying next to me in bed. I knew he was home, but it almost seemed like it was too good to be true.
Saturday was a fun day for us! Todd and Larissa asked us to come over, they wanted to show Steve their new Town home. I already had seen the town home, but they surprised both of us when we were greeted by a new little puppy!! It's so cute! They got a Maltese/Schnauzer mix. The puppy is super cute! They named the little guy Polo. It was a lot of fun to see them and their new little addition to their family.
Later, Steve and I went to the Country Fest for South Jordan. South Jordan celebrated 150 years! It was really fun, they had a carriage ride from the parking lot to the park where we had our packed lunches. All the food there was only 5-10 cents! (celebrating what it would be like 150 years ago) They also had a band playing, a coach ride and games for kids. They also had old fashion pictures for only $10.00! You seriously can't go wrong there. It was a really fun date night, and didn't cost very much!
Later that night, Whit came over and stayed the night with us while Steve's parents were out of town.

Sunday, was definitely special. Sunday morning the three of us went to the Oquirrah Mountain Temple dedication. I loved every minute of it. The talks and music were wonderful, and I was sitting right next to my eternal companion. I felt overwhelmed by the spirit, and so happy to be able to participate in such a neat event. Steve and I really are so blessed to have one another, and that we have such an amazing prophet and church.
After the dedication we were all able to go home, and relax. Marie called me and asked if Steve and I could watch little Deni, while they went to the temple dedication. We of course said yes! We love little Deni! We also wanted to see Tim and Marie. We love there little family!

Steve and I had SO much fun watching her! She is seriously so cute. I can't wait for when Steve and I have our own little kids. Hopefully, that will be in the near future!
To end our Sunday night, we went over to Steve's parents house and had dinner with the fam. We also have a good time spending time together!
Steve and I were definitely worn out from the weekend, we fell asleep on the couch at 8, and didn't move into bed until 3:30!

We had such a fun weekend together, and I'm SO happy that my hubby is here to stay!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I survived the 3 1/2 months w/out Steve!! Steve is driving home TOMORROW!!! I can't wait! I'm seriously counting down the hours! AHH!! The time just can't come quick enough. I wish that the drive didn't take him 2 days...

This last weekend was a lot of fun! I was able to drive to Centerville to visit Steve's cousin Shannon. Her hubby was at scout camp, so what a perfect excuse to get together and have a girls night! I had a lot of fun w/ her making a homemade cucumber mask. The mask didn't turn out exactly like we expected, but it did leave our faces a lot smoother. :)
We also watched High school Musical 3! I LOVE those movies!

On Friday, I was able to hang out with Marie and Deni! Oh how I've missed them! I was able to see Marie's GORGEOUS house all decorated, and we were able to catch up and have lunch.
Later that day, I went over to my in law's house and hung out with Whit! We went shopping for a bridal gift, and then went to Jamba Juice.

On Saturday, Whit and I went to the bridal shower for Krissi, it was really nice. She had an open house and breakfast. After the bridal shower Whit and I went and watched her friend play soccer at Riverton High school.
After the game, I went over to my mom's house and made my very first homemade salsa!!
My parents were so nice, and let me plant my first salsa garden at there place! So, it was really fun being able to cook with the vegetables that I had planted and grown! The process was really long, but WELL worth it!
After making Salsa, I went back over to my in laws and had mom Ford and Whit try the salsa, and then we watched "Sweet Home Alabama."

Sunday was also a busy day! I went to church, and was in nursery. We now have 17 kids assigned to our class. Usually, only 8-9 max show up. Today we had 13!! The kids were all pretty good, and it's always fun getting hugs from them. I love when the kids say "Sister Ford." One little girl calls me "Mr. Ford." I correct her, and she says that's what I said. he he. I just love the kids!
After church My landlord/friend Sherry had her Birthday BBQ, so I celebrated with them most of the night, and then it was my little brother Kolten's Priesthood Ordination!! I can't believe my baby brother is now an Elder. He is preparing now to go on his mission. I'm SOO excited for him!!

Phew, what a busy weekend!

I really just can't wait to see Steve!! Only 2 more days....