Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beautiful Inside and Out.

Wednesday night, we had a spa night for all the Beehives. I had my friend Melissa come and talk to the girls about the importance of being beautiful on the inside, and also how important it is for them to take care of the skin and body (on the outside) It turned out PERFECT. Then the girls had facials. The spirit was super strong, and I really hope that the girls remember and know how beautiful they are-for who they are.


For the last two weeks...

We were able to go to the REAL soccer game for the first time. It was super fun, and FINALLY the weather was warm enough so that we didn't have to even wear jackets! Thank the heavens for that. :)

For FHE we went to the dollar theatre and took Whit to the Justin Bieber movie in 3d. Steve wasn't really up for seeing the movie (ha, I don't blame him) but since it was 2 out of three votes.. he got voted out! ha ha! No, but Steve was a good sport. He actually said he didn't mind the movie at the end. Plus, nothing better than singing all the bieber songs in theatre and swaying my arms back and forth :)

We also had a bbq with Preston and Mckenzie. Mckenzie is a really nice girl and perfect fit for Petey. After our bbq we went to Thursday night, dollar night at Classic Skating. Totally ghetto..but Oh so much fun! I'm still pretty shocked at all the little romances..seriously-I saw 10 year olds macking on each other. So gross! Plus where are the parents? Besides that, we had a lot of fun! It totally made me feel like a kid again. And it's so awesome skating holding hands and skating with my best friend.

We've been babysitting Sophie for a couple days. It's been a lot of fun having a dog but also a ton of work! She wakes us up every morning and jumps right on our bed to wake us up...she is definitely like a little kid sometimes. We've loved taking her for walks and playing hide and seek with her. She's a really, really good dog.

If that isn't proof enough that Steve is starting to LOVE dogs..I don't know what is!

And last but not least, we got another set of family pictures! (Just the two of us) Not that the ones Dan and Carrie just did last year wasn't good enough, but one of our friends is just starting his business and asked to take our pics-for free! woot! :) So that was fun! Here is just a couple that he sent us last night...

Monday, May 9, 2011

Count. Your. Blessings.

This last week was a SUPER hard week for me. I wasn't ready for change, and it of course came. It was soooo hard to get over the fact that so many of my friends were layed off. It was so hard for me to get past the fact that my friends were seriously working just as hard as me and I managed to be able to keep my job.

It didn't help that mother's day fell this week either. I really thought I was doing fine, but during sacrament meeting that's all the speakers talked about. (Of course, it WAS mother's day) and I felt that triggering feeling inside me where I feel a sense of sadness and helplessness. I can't control the fact that I'm not a mom, and I hate that.

Last night, Steve and I were talking and he even gave me a blessing. The blessing helped me sooo much! I've felt at peace again, and i've been thinking a lot lately.

Holy toledo, I so need to count my blessings!! Steve and I are so blessed!

Count my blessings #1
How grateful I am that I still have my job, heavenly father blessed us with that little miracle-that I didn't get layed off. Yes, it is super hard to not have my friends there, and to see them struggle but I still have a job! I still have a job to help support Steve and I, and especially help Steve go through Pharmacy school.

Count my blessings#2
I have an AMAZING relationship with Steve. Steve is my best friend, and I'm his. We love to do everything together. There is seriously nothing better than holding hands with Steve and knowing that we are here for each other no matter what.

Count my blessings#3
Being a mother figure isn't just delivering a child-it's also by example and being a mothering figure. I consider the beehives my girls. I teach them things, they teach me things and they always make me want to be a better person. I'm some what being a mother figure for them.

Count my blessings#4
We have such an amazing family! We are so blessed to have so many awesome brothers and sisters and parents. Not to mention all the extended family! Our Family is ALWAYS here for us, and willing to step in and help out, or to give advice.

Count my blessing#5
We have so many good friends. I love that we have so many friends who would step up and help us if we need them, or to give some advice or even just hanging out and making us laugh!

I have so much to be grateful for. There is no need for me to worry.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Shocked 2.

This week has definitely been a hard one. On Tuesday, within just a couple of minutes I found out that 25 people were laid off from my company. 11 them being people in my training class-we all became super close. I consider them my work family. I'm super grateful that I still have my job, but lets be honest. It's not the same-AT ALL. It seriously feels like a grave yard at work now. Everyone is way quiet and there are empty desks-everywhere! My friends came in today to pick up there boxes and it was really hard. It's hard to say goodbye, and I definitely don't like big changes. This is a HUGE change in my life.
I know we will keep in touch, but it's not the same.

I hate having to go through this whole lay off thing-twice and really not to far apart. It was hard saying goodbye to my friends at Principal, and now I have to say goodbye to my friends again.

I know a lot of change is going to take place this year. A couple weeks ago I kept getting promptings that change is going to take place. I kept wanting to brush it off, because I really don't like change. But, whether it be good or bad change it's probably best in the long run-because it's all in God's hands.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


25 of my friends were laid off yesterday.