Thursday, December 31, 2009


The day after Christmas we met up at Gateway with Cam and Jenny! Oh how we love these guys! :)
We had dinner at Chili's and then went to the Jazz game. Cam got us tickets on the 12th row, on the lower bowl so it was AWESOME!! I'm usually not a fan of watching sports, but when we are actually there, it was really fun. Steve, I know LOVED it!! He was in heaven the whole time. We could actually see the players faces, it was pretty cool.

We had a great time watching the game, and being able to talk with them, it had been WAY too long since we last seen them.

Jenny and I even managed to be on the Jumbo-Tron (I don't know how to spell it, it's that big screen up at the top of ceiling). Ha ha! We were trying to catch a ball or shirt from the cheerleaders, but they kept throwing it right above us, or below us. So we had a not so attractive shot with our mouths open, and our hands out. We didn't get a pic of it from the screen, so we had to rein act it! LOL! It was super funny! (You just had to of been there!)

Oh and this random lady, she's a piece of work.... that's all I'll say(Jenny this pic is for you!) ha ha!!!

We had an awesome time and the Jazz Won!! We hope to see Jenny and Cam soon!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve and Christmas!!

Christmas Eve:

Christmas Eve we went to Grandma and Grandpa Ford's house. We had (of course) a delicious dinner, and tons of sweets! Yum! I just love the Holidays!!
We played lots of games, and mingled with everyone. I even won a gift card to Robintino's! holla! :)
I really loved how at the end of the night, we ended the party with Bob reading the Nativity story in the Bible. Then everyone sang "Holy Night." I loved how all the family sang together, and you could feel the spirit as we sang.
One of my most favorite memories is when my Great Grandpa Joe would read from the bible, and all of us kids/cousins would dress up and do the Nativity scene.
I just love this time of year!!!
After our fun time at Grandma and Grandpa's Steve and I headed over to my parents house around 930ish. My parents every year give each of the kids Pj's. It's one of my very favorite traditions! So, we had to go and get those! We ended up staying there playing games, and eating more food! We had a really fun night!
Steve and I even opened up our presents early for one another, since we would be getting up early to head over to the Ford's house. I absolutely LOVED my gift from Steve, and he loved his too. He opened it, and got his present set up on our night stand. :)

Christmas morning came too quickly. I was soo tired! Steve and I managed to shower and get ready. (minus me doing my makeup!) We met over at the Ford's at 8:00am because PRESTON was calling!! :) Soo exciting!
We had such a nice time talking to him. He's still the same Prest, but you can tell he's grown up a lot. We were able to talk to him for a little over an hour. It was so nice just to hear his voice. He is such an awesome missionary, you know that he loves the people in OR. I still can't believe that he's coming home the beginning of June!

Ellen made her famous Kiesh for breakfast, with orange cinnamon rolls! Always a hit! (mom Anderson also makes this breakfast every Christmas, so no matter what place we hit up first on Christmas we always get a GREAT breakfast). We enjoyed breakfast, and then we opened up presents. Can I just say Steve and I are spoiled?! We got so many nice gifts.
Before we knew it, it was already time to head over to Grandma and Grandpa Ford's again. We had a nice lunch, and grandma and grandpa handed out the Christmas gifts. We didn't stay too long, because we needed to see my family too!

So, around 3ish, we went to my parents and opened presents there. many presents, hence the fact I said we are spoiled. We got SO many nice things. Thanks again everyone!

My mom and dad made a delicious dinner for everyone! Dad made his famous Ham, and mom made potatoes! It was delish!

we played games and hung out with the fam for a while!
Then to end the night, we went back over to the Ford's played Apples to Apples and watched a movie.
We had an Awesome Christmas! We are super blessed to have such awesome families!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Anderson Christmas Party 2009

The Anderson party is always something Steve and I look forward too! Every year my uncle Dennis and aunt Carol have the yearly Christmas party at there house. It's been going on now for 21 years! It seriously is a highlight for my Anderson side of the family! I absolutely LOVE it!!

We started off the party with some delicious-o food, and mingling with all the fam!

Then everyone sang Christmas songs. Everyone was divided into groups and had to sing on "stage." When we were younger we all had to do a talent, but now that everyone is older we all just sing Christmas songs.
After the singing, we all played the White Elephant gift exchange game. Which is always WAY fun!!! Some of the stuff that's brought is just plain disgusting. Everyone is constantly laughing and having a good time. Our cute lil' Grandma Anderson dressed up as Mrs. Clause this year for all the young kids (they opened there presents up before we played the white elephant game).
After the white elephant game, we did our annual RAFFLE!!! This is one of my very favorite parts of the Christmas party. You have to be 12 and older to participate. I remember when I was younger I wished I could be older just to participate in this. My aunt and uncle every year get really fun prizes for everyone if your raffle number ticket is drawn. Then they do the grand prize raffle. Steve and I trade our tickets every year with our cousin Jerry, and so it's super funny if one of us gets it. The grand prize is a nice certificate out to dinner somewhere. Steve and I have one the last two years in a row, but this year Kris one! :)

After the games, we all had dessert and then we all headed home! We had such a great time! We love the Anderson Christmas party, I can't wait again until next year!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Ford Family Christmas Party 2009

Where to begin?! This party ROCKED! Lisa and Brad were in charge this year, so we all met up at there house. We had a great dinner, and my favorite part of the night was the TALENT SHOW! Everyone performed. :)
Brylee was our cute little MC, and she announced all the talents..

The Talent show started off with Bob and Ellen doing a performance from ELF YOURSELF! SOO funny! It showed Bob, Ellen, Whit and Preston all dancing around like Elf's!

Then next up, was Brad and Lisa's family. Performing a Christmas song with bottles. Awesome, and so very creative.

The ford kids, which included myself, Steve, Jas, shannon and Whit all performed together rocking out an "Aussie Christmas Carol" which is really Jingle bells, with our own version. :) Bob and Ellen went to Australia this year, so, we wanted to sing a song that tied in Australia. On the chorus, Steve and Jason had Aussie Accents. SOO funny!

In between talents, Brylee would tell jokes, and also gave everyone a necklace to wear with a different Christmas symbol. She would ask everyone who had on the stocking symbol to tell a favorite Christmas story etc.

The Wilson family sang and danced to "Big girls don't cry" the older version, not the one Fergie sings. It was super cute, Brookey sat on floor acting like she was crying and Kevin sang in a high pitched voice "Big girls don't cry," while Kathy, Breanna and Josh all were the back up dancers and singers!
Tidwells played jingle bells with pipes! How stink'n creative is that?? I would love those, I could be entertained for hours.
AND the HIGHLIGHT of the night was Grandpa and Grandma Ford doing a Christmas rap! It was seriously SOO cute, and funny. They both got completely into it, doing hand gestures and grooving to the beat. They also had some Bling!

We really do have "COOL"grandparents!! he he. I just love these guys!!

After the talent show, we played a Christmas game, and had dessert. Brad and Lisa did an awesome job this year and we LOVED spending time with the fam!

A Christmas Story

On Friday, Dec. 18th. Mom and dad Ford bought the family tickets to see "A Christmas Story" at Pioneer Theatre in Salt Lake City. Every year mom Ford gets tickets for everyone to go and see a Christmas play. I absolutely LOVE it!! I am a HUGE fan of musicals, plays, music..etc.

I loved this play this year! It's the Classic Christmas Story about Ralphie wanting to get gun, but his mom along with everyone else tells him "he will shoot his eye out." The actors were awesome, and the set was AMAZING!

We had tons of fun, and we are super grateful that they do this every year for us!

Oh and some really exciting news!!! Steve finished his last final today (out of the six), he did an AWESOME job this semester and got all A's! :) Woot Woot!