Friday, September 30, 2011

"You can be a Pearl of Great Price"

For young women in excellence this year, we had the theme-"You can be a Pearl of Great Price." We focused around this theme because the girls could become the "Pearl" that Heavenly Father wants them to be, but it takes work on there part as well. Personal Progress can help shape you into that person and that's why it's so important to be doing the Personal Progress. It's designed especially for them, and helps them become the Daughters of God that Heavenly Father wants them to become.
On the Wednesday before we had the girls make a craft-with a shell and then they cut it out and wrote inside what they wanted to perfect for themselves-"pearl".
We used these are some of our decorations for the actual Young Women in Excellence night.
The night turned out perfect. We had two young women talk about Personal Progress and how it helped them. Marla spoke on being a Pearl of Great Price. Tammy and I spoke on our activity and how we've seen the girls grow from when the first came into young women's. Brother Spraktes also spoke and the girls sang "We Believe."
It was a really neat night, I"m so happy that it turned out the way it did. The spirit was there and I'm hoping the girls felt that.
Here's some of the decorations:
Tissue paper pom-pom's hanging from the ceiling (looked like White Pearls floating)

The front of the room we had Pearl of Great price things, such as a picture of Christ, Candles-"his light", The Pearl of Great Price, Pearls, A mirror-"You are a Pearl of Great Price in God's eyes." etc.

As they walked out, we handed them chocolate "pearls"

and sugar cookies-We decorated them with sparkly sprinkles and pearl designs

I sure love the young women with all my heart! I love the Ladies I get to work with as well! So grateful for them.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just Lovely.

This weekend was sooo nice!! I was able to have my husband back :) Steve passed his test on Friday. It wasn't an easy test either-organic chemistry and pharmacy law-he got 100%! So, he was able to somewhat relax this weekend-with me!:)
I can't even describe what a nice break it was to be able to have some quality time again with my hubby. Steve surprised me with a couples massage on our anniversary, so we went and had massages on Saturday. SOO great. We had so many knots in our back it was crazy. I always have a funny experience anytime we go and get a massage. Don't get me wrong, it was very relaxing but the funniest thing is when I hears Steve say "What is that?" In a uncomfortable voice. The lady then just kept telling him he needs to take deep breaths. He had HUGE knots in his shoulder blade and neck region. So as she was working the knots out he said it hurt sooo bad. It's not funny he was in pain, it was just funny how his tone of voice was, and how she's just like well take deep breaths! Okay, maybe you just had to be there.
Steve and I also watched Thor. We rented it from redbox. It was a pretty cool movie.
Oh and he even helped me finish deep cleaning the house!! SOOO happy about that. :) All my fall decorations are up now too. I'm getting excited for the fall.

Saturday morning I went to the temple with one of my Beehives-Katie. She's turning 14 in October and will no longer be one of my beehives. I'm so sad about that! She's a little sweetheart, and has turned into a beautiful young woman. We were planning on going with a lot more girls, but one was sick that morning, and the others ended up not being able to go because of dance, and family stuff.
I was a little disappointed I couldn't have more go with us, but at the end Im actually really happy I was able to spend one on one time with her. The temple experience was amazing. Words can't describe it, and I don't really need to share everything on the blog.
After we went to the temple we went to IN&OUT burger. IT was such a great way to start my day.

Sunday, more time with Steve!!:) We were able to play 3 thirteen with one another and also enjoy church. Ahh. so nice. I love spending anytime I can with Steve!
And then this evening I've been making tissue paper pom-pom's for decorations for Young Women and Excellence on Wednesday. I think they turned out pretty nice.

What a great weekend! Seriously. So happy to spend time with Steve. I really needed that.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

5 Year Anniversary.

Celebrate good times c'mon... Steve and I just celebrated our 5 year Anniversary! How neat is that? 5 years-that's a milestone. :)

This year for our anniversary, life really hit is. We are definitely turning more and more into adults. Life keeps going whether it's your anniversary or not. We both kept busy on our special day at work and of course school. You know the last 3 weeks have definitley been a huge adjustment for us. Steve is ALWAYS studying. Seriously. I didn't comprehend how busy he really would be. We are both super happy though that he was accepted into pharmacy school and know that it will all be worth the sacrifices for the next 3 years.

Even though we didn't get to spend the whole day together we still had a nice day. In the morning, I was surprised with roses on the counter with the cutest poem that Steve wrote.
Here's what the poem said:

5 Year Anniversary

5 years have come and gone,
It's hard to believe it's been so long

It's true, time flies when you're have-in fun
Especially when you're my world's sun

You're my everything, you're my all,
I swear it's from heaven, you did fall

I love you more each passing day
For your kindness in action & all that you say

I love you more each passing week
For you laughter is like a happy, bubbling creek

I love you more each passing month
For ever time you kiss me, I feel like a love-sick drunk.

I love you more each passing year
Our love and marriage, I sure hold dear

Our past has been great as you can see
But our future together runs through eternity

I want to thank you for being such a sweet wife
You're my everything, you're my whole life

I love you now, I love you forever,
For you I will do whatsoever

Sweetest thing ever. Seriously. Last time he wrote me a poem was on our first Valentines day together and it melted my heart. This one melted my heart even more. He's seriously so good at poetry. I'm a lucky woman.

After work and school, we went to Tepanyaki and had a nice dinner with one another.

And then when we got home, he got his surprise from me.:) I gave him a homemade card-of course. And then I had him close his eyes and go into our room- I put glow in the dark stars all over our room. Where we talked under the stars and then watched our wedding video.

Steve is my best better half. This year is definitely a huge change and adjustment for us but I know it's all worth it in the end. We are in everything together. I sure love you Steve! So happy I get to spend not only my time on earth with you but for all the eternities.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Life right now.

You know summer is over when life is super busy again.

Steve is studying all the time, and I'm pretty sure I understand now why the professors told the pharmacy students to wave goodbye to their family for the next couple years.
I still get to see him, but he is always studying..which is good...I just miss him..BUT He got a 100% on his test on Friday and I am SOOOO super proud of him.

Volleyball started up again, so Tuesday's and Thursday's I have volleyball and then Wednesdays mutual. It's pretty awesome how everything worked out. Life is dang busy right now, but it's good. Heavenly father knew that I needed to keep busy.
Colleen and I also finished the Trek video on Saturday, which I'm soo super excited about! It turned out really nice. And it's been good having Colleen keep me company.

I found out that my job is closing down the end of February. So, I'm back at job hunting. I'm really grateful that I have until February. But still..stressful.

Yesterday was nice. Steve only had to study a little bit, since he studied so much on Friday and Saturday. So, after church and dinner we went to the Sandy memorial and walked through the flags. It's really humbling to walk through that.
It was also nice to remember my sweet Great Grandma Lilenquist and her birthday yesterday. I sure miss her.

Well, that's a sum up of what's going on. Busy. But it's alright :) I know we can get through anything together. We are happy, and that's what matters.


P.s. Instagram is now my favorite app. It turns pictures into WAY cool pictures.

Midgey's a married woman.

Kjersti and Tyler are married now!! Woot!! I haven't had time to do much blogging lately, but I had to document Kjersti's most important day of her life!:)

Kjersti and Tyler were sealed in the Salt Lake City temple on Sept 1. She looked absolutely gorgeous! I'm so grateful that Kjersti found Tyler and that they are sealed together forever.
They had a really nice luncheon at the Joseph Smith memorial and a reception at This is the Place. My mom did all the decorating and food and it turned out perfect. They even had a train ride, so you could go for a ride and see This is the Place. It was awesome!

I'm super happy for you Midgey..You'll always be my little sis. So grateful for you and proud of you! AND welcome to the fam Ty!!:)