Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happy Hearts.

Our hearts are full. It's almost been a full year since we started the adoption process. We had no. idea. what kind of time and thought that went into the process.
We have learned so much so far about adoption and we are grateful for that.

A month ago, we had the opportunity of having one of the neatest experiences. I got a phone call from a caseworker who asked us if we wanted to be witnesses for a placement. In all honesty we had no idea what we would experience.

Steve picked me up from work and we went to the hospital. For some reason we both were feeling anxious and a little nervous. We didn't know exactly what we would be experiencing. We knew our role as a witness couple we would be there to ensure that the birth mom understood her legal rights.

The caseworker met us and walked us to the hospital room of where the mom and baby were. As soon as we walked into her room, the spirit hit me. I saw this beautiful young woman with her baby cuddled up to her closely. She kept kissing the baby's head and holding the baby tight. We said hello and she smiled.

We took our seats and listened as the caseworker read the rights to the mamma. The caseworker asked her Why she is placing her baby. Without hesitation she said because she loves him/her and wants whats best for her baby.

And then she kissed her baby and held her baby tightly.

I had to quickly look away so I wouldn't cry. I have never, EVER, witnessed so much sacrifice in my entire life. The spirit was so strong testifying the love that this girl has for her baby.

As soon as Steve and I walked out of the room, I lost it. I couldn't believe what I had just witnessed. Our entire outlook on adoption changed that day.


Steve and I are so grateful to have had this opportunity. We know not a lot of adoptive couples get to see this side of adoption.
Adoption really is about LOVE, and we are humbled that we have the opportunity to extend our family this way.

Everyone do a *Happy dance* we are APPROVED to adopt!!
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Summer Lovin'.

Steve and I have had such a fun summer! I can't believe that summer has come and gone and reality is back into full swing.

I have soooo much to update on this blog, and I'll get to everything that needs to be updated.
For now though, one of the many things we did this summer was go to the cabin for mini weekend get a way's.

We are absolutely in love with the new family cabin and we love that it is so conveniently close. Close enough to where you aren't driving forever and yet far enough to make you feel like we are away from home.

Some of our favorite things that we've done at the cabin:
*Making breakfast together and then eating it on the porch

*Reading a book together on the patio and listening to the creek
*Going for walks

*Playing cards, fooseball and pool
*Watching movies
*Going to Cascade Springs

On a Sunday afternoon we decided to go up just for a couple hours and brought Kris, Jess and little miss A along. It was really relaxing talking on the porch and just enjoying each other's company.
Little Miss A would NOT smile for me to take the picture. I love how she has so much attitude at such a young age! Oh how we love her!

Sunday, August 5, 2012


We were able to go to the Day's of 47' rodeo with my family! Dad and mom got everyone tickets and so we went.

The rodeo was very entertaining, especially the bull riding. That's probably my very favorite along with the barrel racing. Steve had a blast! He grew up doing 4H and so he has always had his inner cowboy in him.;)

Steve and I are sure lucky to have our families so close to us, I love that we can always be doing family things together.