Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Joe the tour guide
Whit and Steve
Steve and I infront of the totem pole
Whit and I at the beach

Bob and Ellen
Steve, Keira and Whit
The City before it burned down
Underground Sidewalk (from below)
The same skylight, but from above

What we did this weekend...
This weekend was a lot of fun! Steve's family was able to come to Washington and visit with us! We had so much fun being able to spend time with them. They met up with us on Saturday night after we worked, and we went to Olive Garden! One of my very favorite places to eat! Then that night Whit was able to sleepover and hang out with us! It was a lot of fun! :) (Thanks for sleeping over whit!) Sunday, we were able to go to church together and then had a nice dinner and played games and then went to the beach. The following morning we met up with them in Seattle and did some site seeing. We were able to take a tour of the Underground City of Seattle that burned down years ago. It was really interesting and a lot of fun!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Welcome to the fam Shannon!
My brother-in-law Jason proposed to Shannon on Sunday, the 20th on Whidbey Island!
(On a side note, Steve proposed to me that same day, two years ago! Crazy huh?)
Anyway, We are both really excited for Jason and Shannon and we can't wait for Shannon to be a part of the fam!

We love you guys and congrats again!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Disney's Beauty and the Beast
Steve and I had a great time at Beauty and the Beast! I can't believe how talented the actors/actress's were. I think that's now by far one of my very favorite musicals! I absolutely loved the music and the production! I wish that we could see it again! Hopefully someday we can. After the play we were able to meet up with Steve's customer/friend and meet the entire cast. They were all so kind, they invited us to go to Applebee's with them.
It was such a great night! Thanks again Steve!
Oh...I don't have any good pics... Our camera, unfortunately gave out on us the night of the play. So I have this one pic, sorry it's hard to see!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Well, I love how Jenny and Cam did this, and that you two did it together! I decided I would give it a shot as well!
Here are the rules: List 3 Joys, 3 Fears, 3 Goals, 3 Current Obsessions/Collections, and 3 Random surprises about yourself.

3 Joys!

1.Steve and our families
2.The Gospel

3 Fears!

2.Spiders! I hate them!
3.Having a baby (the labor part scares me!)

3 Goals!

1.Reading my scriptures every night
2.Continue Taeboe when I'm back in Ut! (Thanks Liz for being my exercise buddy!)
3.Jump off the houseboat without being afraid that i'm going to drown!

3 Current Obsessions/Collections!

1.Taeboe with Billy Blanks!
2.My new and first nephew-Carson!:)
3.Nature (the television series) Nature: Kokko the gorilla, Nature: Dolphins... etc

3 Random Surprises about myself!

1.I'm TRYING to learn Swedish! :)
2.I absolutley LOVE gummy bears! I bought a 6lb bag at costco and almost ate the entire bag myself.
3.I unfortunatley have two bumps on both of my feet, known as bunnions. I always try to hide them!

I tag...Liz, and Erin! And...anyone who wants to do this!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Welcome to the Anderson Clan Carson!
Steve and I became an Auntie and Uncle on July 12th! Carson was born Saturday morning. He's a big boy weighing 8 1/2 pounds and 22 inches long! We are so excited for Kody and Jade and that they get to enjoy parenthood. We both know that you guys will be awesome parents for Carson! Carson you're such a cutie and we can't wait to meet you next month! We love you guys!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yahtzee with Alice!

Steve is so awesome! He does so well at everything he puts his mind to. I'm really blessed to have such a hardworking husband. Steve not only does really well at selling, but because he really cares about the customers he makes friends with them to! I'm SO excited to go to Beauty and the Beast! We get to go on the 18th, so i'll post more on that when we go!! We were also able to go over to Alice's house to play yahtzee with her. She's this sweet little 85 year old woman whose completely on top of things! Steve sold to her last month and so now we keep in contact with her. It's great because now we have a grandma in Washington while we're away from our grandma's in Utah! I'm excited, in a couple days we are going to go bowling with her! :)

Thanks Steve for being such an awesome husband!
Successful Sale!

So as Keira has updated the blog, she has made it known that I've been saleing security systems here in Seattle this summer. A few days ago I had an unusual sale. I was knocking in a condo community and I ran into some really neat folks. They were really excited about the security system I had to offer and had me come into their home. While filling out the paperwork we got to talking (and to all you old missionaries, it was a good BRT session :) ). Come to find out they really like performers like Josh Groban and Michael Buble. I told them of Keira's love for music and for musicals. When this family heard this they looked at each other and smiled. The husband left the room and came back with a couple of tickets in his hand. He gave me the tickets which are to the Disney's Musical Beauty and the Beast (in which he performs as Bell's dad). He had given me some of his own family's seats! So, not only did I get a big sale but I was able to surprise Keira with two tickets to a musical that she has wanted to see :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Playing Croquet!
Steve's cute porcupine hair before the cut....
And After!

Cutting Hair and Playing Croquet!

Steve and I bought a croquet set! We were walking around Fred Meyer and decided to get us a frisbee so that we would have one when we go to the park, but while we walked down the fun toy isle we noticed the croquet set. So, we forgot about the frisbee and picked up the croquet set instead. It was an impulsive buy, but we decided it would be fun to have while were here in Washington and also to have when we get together with friends and family.
Today was fun playing out in the sun with our new toy before we had to work and I was also able to cut steve's hair as well.
I'm still new at this blogging thing.... any ideas or suggestions I should do or add to my blog?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Waiting for the Fireworks!
Liz and Jason Thompson
Steve, Keira and Jason Ford
Steve and I watching the Parade!

Eating at Red Robin with the Thompson's
Happy 4th of July!

I hope everyone had a happy fourth! :) Steve and I had a fun day! We woke up early to go to the parade that they had in mukilteo. What's the fourth without a parade?
We invited our friend Liz to come along (her hubbie had to work) so, the three of us drove to the parade and found great seats. The parade was fun, but nothing like Utah's. The crazy thing about washington parades...or maybe just in this area-there were absolutley NO floats and no candy throwing! Crazy huh? I'm glad we went though!
After the parade we worked for a couple hours then went out to eat at Red Robins! I just love there cheeseburgers! MMM!!
We then went to the park to watch some fireworks. I love fireworks!! Some of the technicians that work for Stone saved everyone a great spot. There were ppl everywhere!! We got there around 9:30ish and waited for the fireworks....10:30ish no fireworks... so then we started thinking well, maybe this isn't the spot.
It was the spot, but in Everett fireworks are illegal...so, they had to do the fireworks across the bay. So we couldn't really see them! But at least we heard them! ha ha. :)
Happy Fourth!