Sunday, December 11, 2011

The last few weeks...

First off Steve's birthday fell on the Thanksgiving break. Since we were at the cabin we spent the day with the Ford family. Steve and I went on a long walk, played ping pong and worked on Adoption paperwork.:) He also went shot gun shooting with his dad, brother and Grandpa.
I'm so super grateful for Steve and that he's my man forever!
I didn't even take any pictures but one during Thanksgiving break. At least it's a good one of Grandma Ford beating everyone at ping-pong! haha! We love you Grandma!

Sophie's always coming to snuggle with Steve as he's busy studying for Pharmacy school! Did I mention what Steve's been doing since Thanksgiving break ended? He's STUDYING. Seriously. That's his life right now. Thanks for working so hard babe, means the world to me:)

I started my new job!!! Well it's still within the same company, but I'm now working in the Claims department and I'm super excited. I started last Monday and so far it's going great. Once training is over it has flexible hours and maybe down the road I can work from home. We feel so blessed that I found a new job since my entire department is being laid off in February.

Still loving spending time with my Beehives! I love these girls.

Lots of Birthday celebrations!
Kjersti had her birthday also in Nov. My cute daddy-o bought Kjersti a clown cake

Kris, Kolten and Jade all have their birthdays in December so my mom and dad made a big dinner for everyone. So grateful for all my family!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Thanksgiving week wasn't the greatest for Steve and I. It should have been one of the most happiest weeks we could of had. We were able to spend an ENTIRE week together-no work, no homework, and spending time with the Ford family at the cabin. Yet we had a cloud hang over us. We felt a huge emotion of sadness, anger and "picked on me" feeling.

Steve and I have been really excited to share the news to everyone that we were adopting, and really dug into the adoption paperwork. All of our families have been so supportive to us, and I've never felt so much love from everyone. But, it was almost a "grieving" period that we had to go through. That we may not have a little one that has Steve's charming blue eyes, and my blonde hair, our physical features. I won't get the opportunity to see my belly grow. Get to wear maternity clothes and exclaim to everyone that "I'm Pregnant!"

This week has been different. My heart has been full this week. Full of so much gratitude and peace. I've never felt so much love from my Savior either. I know he has been wrapping his loving arms around me, and letting me know that he has a bigger and better plan for us.
Steve and I have the desire to raise children-our children. Is it really that important that our baby has our physical features? That I wasn't pregnant with the little one?
I know that we will love our baby no matter how we get our baby. Our baby must be very special. So special that they are getting to bless two different lives. The birthparent who has the miracle of getting to carry him/her for 9 months and then getting to bless ours for the eternities. God has a plan, a far better one that I can comprehend and I feel blessed that he has given Steve and I the opportunity to find our baby/babies through adoption. It's been such a humbling experience so far and I'm grateful for this. I couldn't be happier.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Good Things to Come

This week has been a very humbling experience for Steve and I.
We told all of our family members and friends that we started the adoption process. I can't even describe in words how grateful we are for so many supportive people in our lives. Seriously. It's been a huge weight lifted from our shoulders just knowing that Steve and I have so many people who love us, care about us and want to help us.
We've also received so much support from other adoptive couples, that we haven't even met and it's a good feeling to know we aren't alone in the process.

Even though in life we can feel down and discouraged, this video put a good perspective on things-That Good Things are to Come. It's all in the Lords time. I'm grateful that Steve and I blessed to be able to go through this process. It's brought us even closer together as well as closer to our Savior.

Monday, November 28, 2011


Steve and I are excited to announce that we have started the adoption process!! With lot's of prayers, we feel strongly this is how we are going to get our baby. So please start spreading the word for us!:)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday.

Since it is the month of Thanksgiving, I thought it would be a good idea to write all the things I'm Thankful for every Thursday.

-Since it's Midgey's Birthday-I'm grateful she was born today

-I'm very grateful that Steve was able to get into pharmacy school and that we didn't have to move!

-I'm grateful that I have an amazing husband who supports me in everything that I do

-Grateful for amazing family

-Grateful for awesome friends

-I'm grateful for God's plan and not my own. I always try to plan out my life, but he always has a bigger and better one

-I'm grateful for the amazing young women that surround me almost every day

-I'm grateful for the Book of Mormon

-I'm grateful I have a job!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Halloween weekend was fun!
We went to a costume party on SaTuRdAy and I saw a bunch of old friends from high school. It was really fun to see everyone! Bryce and Jamie know how to throw a fun party!
(Pics by Bryce and Jamie)
Pumpkin Bowling
Donuts on a String

SuNdAy, my mom and dad had their annual Halloween dinner-Homemade Chili in pumpkin bowls! It was really good! It was of course fun talking with all my fam too:) I love have Grandma brought a mask!

MoNdAy, I went to work and there were Halloween activities all day-Watched Hocus Pocus, Halloween crossword puzzles and word searches, Kids came to our desk to Trick-Or-Treat and I dressed up!:)
Then we went over to Colleen and Richard's house and had Colleen's homemade Chili and then just hung out, ate too much candy and of course, passed out candy!

ooh and then when we went home and Steve and I cuddled on the couch and talked. Loved it.

IT was a fun filled weekend! I LOVE HOLIDAYS!!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

NERD Alert!

Steve and I went to a Costume Party last night and it was SO fun!!
I'll post more about it later!:)


Well Volleyball is officially over now. My Tuesday's and Thursday's will be more open and I don't know what I'll be able to do with myself! ha ha! I'm pretty excited I'll have more time to do some crafts. I've missed that.

I seriously had a blast watching these girls play, and without fail-EVERY game I was laughing hysterically. The girls say and do the FUNNIEST things.

Steve and I took the girls to Arctic Circle after the game to get some ice cream (We only took the girls we took to and from the game)

These girls are SO much fun! They always have so much energy, and help remind me that I'm never too old to have fun.
In the car they cranked up Bieber's "Baby, Baby" and sang every word and even got Steve singing along.

Love these girls.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Just the Two of Us.

Steve and I were able to take a drive on the Alpine Loop and it was SO nice! We held hands in the car just the two of us. Enjoying each other's company and looking at the awesome fall colors surrounding us. I just LOVE, love it when I get to spend time with Steve. I seriously cherish these moments even more now that he's so super busy with school these days.

Amazing colors huh?!

HaLlOwEeN PaRtY!

I am so super proud of my Beehive class presidency! They wanted to throw a Halloween party for all of the girls, and I thought that would be a great idea-I love a good Halloween party! So, I told the girls that I would support them and get whatever they needed but they would be completley incharge of it. (I would of course be there to help, but I wanted them to be in charge)

They planned such a FUN party! They really showed me last night how reliable they each are. They set up all the decorations, and took total charge. It made me really happy. It's really neat to see the girls get out of their comfort zone.

Each girl took charge of an indiviual activity that they planned.

First activity-Ally had the girls make Frankenstein's

while the Frankenstein's were drying....

Savannah was in charge of Halloween Battle of the Balloons

Haylie then explained the rules for Donuts on a string

After the games, the girls went back to their Frankenstein's and painted on faces!

Maddi was going to be in charge of Ghost Catcher, but we ran out of time! Dang it.

(I took this picture from That is what we were going to make and then play a game with it!

It was such a fun night! I am SOOOO happy that I have the opportunity to spend time with so many amazing young women!! Not to mention, it's always a blast when Colleen is helping me too!:)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Good Stuff.

This is going to be a very random post. Lot's of good things have been happening this week, and last weekend.

I had a girls night out two nights in a row. Poor Steve stayed home studying ALL day, and ALL night. I miss my hubby.

-Friday, I saw Marie and the girls! That was nice!:) I've missed them and it's been in forever since I had seen them. Then Friday night, I went and saw the play Little Women with some friends-Karly, Stephanie, Colleen and Sharlynn. It was soooo good! We first went out to Costa Vida's and then hit up the show. In all honesty, I don't remember the movie one bit, but when I saw the play it makes me want to see the movie! It was very well put together, and it was fun to have a night out.

-Saturday, I got all the normal Saturday chores done and then went to the PIE with Jessica and Jade. We seriously talked for hours. Stuffed our faces, and it was really nice.

-One of my beehives dogs just had puppies!! She invited me over to see the lil' things. They are seriously soo stinkin' cute. I wanted to put the puppy in my pocket and take it home with me!

-Steve and I went to Coldstone for FHE and got to spend a little one on one time together before it was time for him to hit the books! Plus, Coldstone didn't' cost us anything. Thanks to Pam and Bob for the gift card!

-I got a knock at my door from one of my beehives and her lil' sis. They surprised me and made me peanut butter cookies! Just for the heck of it. Totally made my night.

-I came into work and found a bag full of treats! I was "boo-ed" at work!

-I love going for a walk after I eat and enjoying the view of all the pretty fall colors at work!

So far, this has been a really happy week and I am lovin' it!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Feeling more like Fall.

I'm definitely getting excited for all of the holidays coming up. I seriously love holidays!

This weekend was so fun! Made it feel even more like fall time, and I loved it. Steve and I got to spend the ENTIRE weekend together. That's three days people. That. was. perfect. He passed his super hard test again with flying colors. I'm so proud of him.

Friday night, we had our first date night in forever. And it was so nice. Just me and him. I've missed those nights. And I cherish them even more so now.

Saturday, I woke up early and went to the temple with one of my beehives. I love the temple. I LOVE it. I love the peace and guidance it brings every time I go.

After the temple, Steve and I went over to his parents house and I made homemade applesauce with Whit and Ellen and then caramel apples. If that doesn't make it feel more like fall I don't know what does?:)

Steve and I later, went home and cuddled and watched a movie. LOVED it. Oh, so nice to spend time with my hubby.

Sunday, we celebrated my mom's 50th birthday! (Her birthday is Tuesday, but everyone couldn't get together on Tuesday)
She really wanted the family to get together and have dinner and carve pumpkins. ooh and have hot cocoa! Seriously. All fun fall things huh? Makes me excited.

Woot for Holidays! :)