Thursday, January 9, 2014

Feeling closer to heaven.

I have so much to update about our sweet lil Beckham. I wanted to write this down though so I don't ever forget it.

Today I started the Book of Mormon challenge on insta to read the bom in 365 days. It's 6am and I just got done feeding and changing Bex. We sit in his rocking chair and I ask him if he wants to read the bom with mom. He gives me the biggest gummy smile. As I read it he continues to give me big smiles. 

Also, during bedtime I sing to him primary songs. His favorite is I am a child of God. Anytime I sing it to him he will smile so big when I sing Beckham is a child of God.

I love how close he is to heaven still. He brings such an amazing spirit in the home. I'm so lucky to have this sweetheart forever.

Here's a recent pic of our lil guy:)


Richard Condie said...
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Emily said...

Hi Keira! Sorry! That first comment was me - I was logged in as my husband when I wrote it and didn't realize it! :) But I just wanted to tell you that your little boy is so adorable! Congratulations! And I love what you wrote, our little ones are so, so close to heaven! :)

Michelle and Travis said...

I love this post. I used to sing Nixon primary songs when he wouldn't stop crying and I was trying to get him to calm down. I love this idea of singing them to him for sleeping. I have incorporated it into my nap routine and it has made a huge difference. He goes down easier than before. They know what is right and heavenly and they respond to the spirit in the songs. We're so lucky to have these precious angels in our homes :)

Megs said...

What a cute cute little guy. I love the little spirits these new babies have.